High on Life Lezduit Gun | How to Get It

Are you looking to get your hands on the coveted Lezduit, the Talking Plasma Gun in the popular game High on Life? Released in December 2022, this first-person shooter tasks players with saving humanity from an Alien invasion while utilizing a variety of talking weapons. Among the arsenal, Lezduit stands out as a powerful choice. In this guide, we will provide information on how to obtain Lezduit in High on Life. Dive into our High on Life Lezduit Gun Guide to get started.

What is the Lezduit Gun?

high on life lezduit gun

If you’re ready to deal some damage, the Lezduit laser is a reliable weapon to turn to. Its multi-target arc technology allows it to easily take down the alien foes that stand in your way. While it doesn’t have any special abilities or the ability to be modified or upgraded, the Lezduit more than makes up for it with its impressive base ammo of 100 rounds. With the Lezduit on your side, you can feel confident in your ability to tackle even the most difficult missions.

How to Get the Lezduit Plasma Gun

To obtain Lezduit the Talking Plasma Gun in the game High on Life, you must complete the Dr. Giblets bounty. This bounty is given to you after defeating Krubis and Douglas. Upon returning to the game after speaking with Dr. Gibles and escaping his army, you will find a room to your left as you near the exit. Inside this room, you will find Lezduit unconscious on a test bench. At this point, you will not be able to use the weapon immediately. Instead, you will need to bring it back to Gene to have it repaired before you can use it.

You must first defeat Nipulon. While you are doing this, the character Gene will work on fixing the Lezduit. Once you have defeated Nipulon and returned home, speak to Gene, and he will give you Lezduit. However, Lezduit can only say its own name. Lezduit is the most powerful weapon in High on Life and can be obtained through the main storyline. It is important to use it wisely in the final mission to save humanity from an alien invasion.

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