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ffxiv let me holster that for you

This is one of the four missions that are available at the end of Final Fantasy XIV’s Resistance Weapon questline (as of Patch 5.45). You’ve gotten this far, and Kriv thinks you’ve earned some good rewards for your work! This reward is mostly only grand if you truly care for your Lost Actions… But hey, it’s a nice way to boost your efficiency in the Bozjan southern front. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, our guide to FFXIV Let Me Holster That For You will help out!

FFXIV Let Me Holster That For You

Let Me Holster That for You becomes available after the quest to unlock Delubrum Reginae. If you’ve not completed that dungeon yet, then you have some other Resistance Weapons quests to work through. Once you’ve finished that quest, talk to Kriv in Gangos if you have Garlean Synthetic Fabric.

Garlean Synthetic Fabric can be found in several Fates and in Castrum Lacus Litore. You’ll be fighting with others in the Castrum, and the Fates don’t have the most incredible drop rate… But hey, they’re both fine options! If you want it from a fate, look for Help Wanted, Kill it with Fire, Murder Death Kill, Supplies Party, and Unrest for the Wicked. These five fates have the highest chance to drop the fiber. 

Once you have three pieces of the fiber, then you’ll increase your arsenal of lost actions. That means you can bring more lost actions to you to the Bozjan Southern front. This can vastly increase your damage and utility as you take on war! If you have any interest at all in farming the southern front, it’s highly worth doing this quest. 

However, if you don’t want to spend the time farming the fabric, it’s not super necessary. You have enough lost actions to reasonably do everything that you need to do. However, it’s super nice to have the extra slots that Let Me Holster That For You grants if you want to maximize your usefulness in the 72 man dungeon.

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