High on Life Skate Park | How do I Unlock It?

High on Life offers a bizarre, colorful, absurd world to explore. With countless counterculture references, it should no surprise that a skate park makes an appearance in the game. “But how do I unlock it?” you might be asking. We can help with that. Keep reading our High on Life Skate Park Guide for the inside scoop.

How to Unlock the Skate Park in High on Life

High on Life skate park

To unlock the Skate Park in High on Life, you must purchase the Skate Park Warp Disc from Blorto’s Kiosk in Blim City. However, you can only access Blorto’s Kiosk once you have completed both the Kubris and Douglas bounties. Once you have completed these bounties, Blorto’s Kiosk will appear in front of your residence in Blim City. You can then buy Warp Discs from him, which are devices that allow you to trigger random events and side missions.

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To obtain the Skate Park Warp Disc in the game, you will need to collect eight warp crystals. These crystals can be obtained by defeating enemies and pulling them out of the top of their bases. While eight crystals may seem like a decent amount, it is worth noting that warp crystals can be somewhat scarce, so you may need to farm a few more before you have enough. Once you have obtained the Skate Park Warp Disc, you can use it to travel to Zephyr Paradise: Upper Valley using your Bounty 500 portal.

To start, when you spawn and find yourself in this location, turn left and walk uphill until you see a glowing blue and white warp location. Interact with it to bring up a menu of your available warp discs. Choose the Skate Park Warp Disc and the area in front of you will transform into a skate park.

Once you’re inside the skate park, you’ll find three aliens who will challenge you to earn 42,000 points. To meet this goal, you can use Knifey to grapple onto the bees flying above you and perform 360-degree turns repeatedly until you earn enough points.

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