Warframe – How to Open Relics

Warframe how to open relics

In Warframe, Void Relics are one of the best ways to acquire Prime and Forma blueprints. These Orokin objects can be equipped in Void Fissure missions; opening them during the mission gives you a random shot at very valuable drops. Want to know how to get these blueprints? Keep reading our Warframe – How to Open Relics Guide here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

Warframe – How to Get Relics

Void relics are mission rewards – they can be found in endless missions as well as other non-endless missions like Spy. You can also obtain pre-refined (more on refinement in a moment) relics by running endless Void Fissure missions. You can also purchase select relics on the market or trade them to other players.

Warframe – How to Open Relics

You can open a Warframe relic in only one way: by equipping it during a Void Fissure mission. You can only equip one relic per mission. Helpfully, when you select the mission a popup gives you the opportunity to select your relic. There are four types of void fissures and they correspond with the four types of relics: Lith era, Meso era, Neo era, and Axi era.

Once you are in a Void Fissure mission and have the correct relic equipped, you will need to collect 10 Reactant units. Reactants are dropped by NPCs; once you have ten you will need to complete the mission for the relic to open.

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