High on Life Secret Achievements Guide

High on Life has plenty of achievements you need to pick up before you can nab that perfect game score. Most of them must be completed as part of the story, meaning you will cross paths with them eventually if you play long enough. However, there are a few secret achievements you might miss! Learn about all of them with our High on Life secret achievements guide!

This post contains spoilers!

Getting the Secret Achievements in High on Life

High on Life Secret Achievements

In total, there are seven secret achievements to be aware of in High on Life. Please note that there were some bugs that previously prevented you from getting a perfect game score despite having all of the achievements. If you have collected all 32 achievements in the game but don’t show a perfect score, re-open your game save and see if you tick over to 100 percent complete.

Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This

to get this achievement, you’ll need to kill Slumsley. This might not seem possible at first, as Kenny will prevent you from killing Slumsley the first few times you try. Eventually, you’ll be able to kill him and get the achievement in the process.

Don’t Knife the Hand That Feeds

Knifey will pressure you to stab Gene. You have a choice here, as you can continue with the game whether you stab him or not. However, you must stab Gene in order to obtain this achievement.

Eatin Good in the Neighborhood

As you might have guessed, this achievement is related to eating at Applebee’s. When you finish your meal at one of the universe’s top establishments, you can get this achievement if you pay your bill before you leave.

Gunning For Your Job

You can get this achievement using Sweazy during the Krubis mission. During the mission, you’ll need to speak with Helen and claim that you are the new boss. Use this newfound power to boss around the workers. After giving three orders, this achievement will unlock.

Playing Favorites

At one point in the game, you’ll be forced to sacrifice one of your guns. Kenny will volunteer. To get this achievement, you’ll need to sacrifice someone other than Kenny.

Carry Stan’s Load to Completion

This last one is self-explantory. Stan offers you a disgusting gift, and you’ll need to hold on to it in your inventory for th entire game. Complete the game with it in your inventory and you will unlock the achievement.

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