The Top Persona 5 Treasure Demons

Persona 5 Regent

The Top Persona 5 Treasure Demons

Persona 5 Treasure Demons are rare. They are unique in that they are named for historical, ceremonial stones or luxurious jewels. These rare creatures will occasionally appear when you open a shiny treasure chest. Treasure Demons begin appearing on May 18th onward, but you can only acquire Treasure Demons that are the same level as your persona or lower. While Treasure Demons appear at random, they are more likely to appear in bad weather. You can also increase the odds of finding one through an infiltration item known as the Treasure Trap.

8. Regent

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: Psychic or Nuclear
Level 10

Visible hovering over a large pink diamond, a Regent is the lowest-level treasure demon in Persona 5. The demon is named for a 141-carat diamond that originated in India. It became famous after it was purchased by Regent Philippe II.

Regent is a forced encounter in Madareme’s Palace, so it will always be the first treasure demon you encounter. Morgana will be mysteriously drawn to the vase in which Regent hides. Once Regent appears, it will only stick around in the fight for two turns. Kodama and Makami are two early game personas that are able to exploit the demon’s weakness to psychic and nuclear; otherwise, your best bet is by using Lucky Punch to knock it down.

7. Queen’s Necklace

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: Guns
Level 15

At level 15, Queen’s Necklace has the second-lowest level of any treasure demon. This treasure demon is named after the affair of the Diamond Necklace, an infamous scandal that led to the downfall of Marie Antoinette as well as the beginning of the French revolution. Queen’s Necklace can be found in Kaneshiro’s Palace and is easily knocked down by guns. It is potentially your first chance to obtain any revival skills.

6. Stone of Scone

Persona 5 Stone of Scone

Weakness: Curse
Level 20

The Stone of Scone is a treasure demon that is seen floating about a rectangular rock with chains and a groove in the center. The rock represents the Stone of Scone, which is better known as the Stone of Destiny. This stone was used through Scotland’s history as the site where royalty was coronated. The treasure demon is immune to all attacks other than Curse. You’ll want to stick with lower-level curses if possible, as stronger curses are capable of one-shot killing the demon (which will cost you your chance to fuse with it.) These treasure demons can be found in Futaba’s palace as well as Mementos when the weather is bad.

5. Koh-i-Noor

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: None; Must Land Critical Strike
Level 25

In history, Koh-i-Noor is known as the largest colorless diamond ever mined in India. The incredible stone weighed in at 186 carats but was rumored to curse any member of the British royal family with bad luck if they wore it. The treasure demon of the same name can be found in Okumura’s Palace. It will also occasionally appear at random at Mementos’ Path of Adyeshach on floors 1 through 4, 6 through 8, and 10 through 12. Unlike weaker treasure demons, Koh-i-Noor has no glaring vulnerabilities. Your best bet on capturing it is through a critical strike.

4. Orlov

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: None; Must Land Critical Strike
Level 30

At level 30, Orlov is one of the stronger treasure demons. Orlov is named after an enormous Indian diamond said to be more than 190 carats. The diamond sits in a scepter which was named by Empress Catherine the Great. You will find Orlov in Niijima’s Palace as well as on Mementos’ Path of Sheriruth floors 1 through 5, 7 through 9, and 11 through 13. Because Orlov does not have an natural weakness, your best bet is to knock it down with attacks that have a high critical rate. This includes lucky punch and miracle punch.

3. Emperor’s Amulet

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: None; Must Land Critical Strike
Level 35

Better known as the Talisman of Charlemagne, the Emperor’s Amulet  contains a True Cross as well as what is alleged to be the hair of The Virgin Mary. This treasure demon can be found in Shido’s Palace. Once Shido’s Palace is cleared, you can only encounter it on Mementos’ Path of Sheriruth on floor 7 through 8 as well as 11 through 13. Emperor’s Amulet has know weak spots, so your best chance is to focus on critical hits.

2. Hope Diamond

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: None; Must Land Critical Strike
Level 40

One of the world’s most famous diamonds, the Hope Diamond has been changing hands among the world’s elite for over 400 years. The diamond is best known for the rumors that it is cursed due to allegedly being plucked from the eye of a Sita statue in India before being to sold. The second most powerful treasure demon, Hope Diamond can only be found in Mementos’ Path of Sheriruth on floors 7 through 9 as well as 11 through 13. What’s more, Hope Diamond will only appear after Shido’s Palace is cleared. Like most powerful treasure demons, it has no weaknesses but can be captured with a critical hit.

1. Crystal Skull

Persona 5 Treasure Demon

Weakness: None; Must Land Critical Strike
Level 50

The most powerful of all the treasure demons, Crystal Skull takes its name from a set of 13 pre-Columbian artifacts. Legend has it that when all 13 crystal skulls are together they will reveal the universe’s secrets. As rare as it is powerful, you can find Crystal Skull on Mementos’ Path of Sheriruth on floors 7 through 9 as well as floors 11 through 13. Crystal Skull only appears after you clear Shido’s Palace. The treasure demon has no weaknesses but will flee in a few turns if you aren’t able to roll a critical hit. You should use skills with high rates of critical hit like Lucky Punch and Miracle Punch against Crystal Skull.

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