What Starfield Console Commands Disable Achievements?

Bethesda is known for allowing robust use of console commands on PC. Unfortunately, they are also known for being unforgiving with achievements once you dabble in these commands. So what Starfield console commands disable achievements? Let’s dive in to learn which commands disable achievements and what your options are re-enabling them.

All Console Commands Disable Achievements

What starfield console commands disable achievements

You can do a ton of cool stuff with console commands, form giving yourself endless credits to altering virtually every aspect of the game. This wide open approach to modding is why Bethesda disables achievements when you use any console command. That’s right: none of these commands are safe if you care anything about scoring all of the achievements available in the game.

Can I Re-Enable Achievements?

If you are playing the vanilla version of the game, you are out of luck. Once you get the warning that continuing with console commands will disable your achievements they are gone forever. The only exception is digging into the game files and modifying them yourself. Prima Games has a nice rundown on how this is possible.

First, navigate to Documents>My Games>Starfield. In that folder, delete the doc file called StarfieldConsoleHistory. Deleting this file erases the record of you entering any codes. Next, you will need to take a trip to Nexus Mods to pick up the Achievement Enabler mod by brunph. Folow the instructions to get that installed.

Search your Starfield installation path for a file with the same name as what you downloaded from Nexus Mods. Rename the file in your installation path either bink2w64Hooked.dll if you are on Steam or wininet.dll for Xbox. Then paste the file you just downloaded in the same location.

The final step involves creating a new folder named Plugins. Here, you will drop in the starfield-achievementenabler.asi file you downloaded from Nexus Mods. This is a lot of steps, but it’s also your only option for re-enabling those achievements!

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