High on Life Warp Discs | How to Use Them

Despite the absurd and crass voice acting, the goofy theme, and the over-the-top cartoon violence, there is some depth to the mechanics in High on Life. As you progress, the world opens up to you through warp discs. You can travel to previously unavailable areas using these warp discs, but how do they work? Let’s dive into our High on Life Warp Discs Guide.

How to Use Warp Discs in High on Life

high on life warp discs

In High on Life, you can use Warp Discs at blue warp signals to teleport to different locations. This becomes a critical aspect of the game, as there are numerous locations that can only be found via Warp Disc. To use a Warp Disc, players must interact with a blue warp signal, which is a tent of energy that shoots up into the sky. The player can then select a Warp Disc from their inventory and the signal will teleport them to the location associated with the disc.

Blue warp signals can be found in various locations throughout the game world. One of the easier ones to access is located in the Upper Valley section of the Zephyr Paradise planet. To get there, players should select the Portals tab in the Bounty 5000 menu, go to the Zephyr Paradise planet, and then choose the Upper Valley section. Once in the Upper Valley, players should look for a hill on the left side and they will find the blue warp signal there.

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Buying from Blorto

You can’t just naturally obtain Warp Discs in this game. Instead, you’ll need to purchase them from Blorto’s Kiosk in Blim City. This process might not be immediately obvious since Blorto doesn’t exactly advertise them for sale. Instead, you’ll need to look for “Blorto Specials” like in the image above. In total, there are a total of six different Warp Discs available for purchase from him. The disc locations and their prices include:

  • Cutie Town Warp Disc– 0 Crystals
  • Movie Theater Warp Disc – 3 Crystals
  • Skate Park Warp Disc -8 Crystals
  • Trolley Tracks Warp Disc – 5 Crystals
  • Toilet Warp Disc – 5 Crystals
  • Quiet Cottage Warp Disc – 10 Crystals

As you will notice, Blorto doesn’t take pesos for his specials. Instead, you’ll be paying for these with warp crystals. You won’t have access to these crystals right away, but you will get the chance to accumulate them over time when you battle the G3 Cartel. These crystals are carefully priced to prevent you from getting a warp disc too early in your playthrough. And hey! The first one is free!

In total, there are six warp discs. As the names suggest, each disc eventually grant you access to a specific place. Some of these locations are crucial to the plot. Other, like the Cutie Town warp disc, involve amusing side quests.

Using Your Warp Crystals

Even when you have the right warp crystal in hand, you won’t be able to use it on a moment’s notice. Instead, it is only possible to activate these warp crystals at the appropriate portal.

Portals all have the same glowing blue light

There are multiple portals tied to most warp crystals. You only need to approach the portal, use the warp disc in your inventory, and you will be transported to the corresponding location.

Seeing all the Sights Achievement

Warp Discs are also key to an achievement in the game. To unlock the “Seeing All The Sights” achievement, you will need to purchase and unlock all six Warp Discs using warp crystals. Once all of the collectible warps have been unlocked, the achievement is unlocked.

That’s everything you need to know about warp crystals in High on Life! Have fun out there!

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