The Ultimate God Eater 3 Custom Bullets Guide

god eater 3 custom bullets

The God Eater series is very much like the Monster Hunter series, but of course, with some differences. The main crux of the mechanics are the same, hunt beasts called Aragami, and use materials harvested and blueprints rewarded to then create/upgrade weapons and armor to fight even bigger monsters. In the latest title God Eater 3, you wield a weapon known as a God Arc. This God Arc can transform into three different forms, a blade, a gun, a shield, and even custom bullets. Learning when to use each form is integral to winning fights against these Aragrami. Keep reading for God Eater 3 Custom Bullets Guide.

The Gun Form

The gun is a very interest mechanic when it comes to the God Eater series. There are four different types of firearms the God Arc can turn into; a Sniper, an Assault, a Ray gun, and a Shotgun. Each one has advantages and disadvantages for use against the Arigami.

The sniper is great for long-distance combat and has the highest penetration value of the other guns. When the shotgun has a massive spread when firing, and the damage dealt increases, the closer you get to the target.


The firearms of the God Arc do not use traditional shots; they use Oracle Cells. Now, these cells are all determined by the God Arc itself, so the shape, behavior, shot arc of the bullets, etc.

However, the projectiles are not consumed upon use, as they are created by using Oracle Cells. And by using the God Arc’s power, these are changed into bullets, or otherwise known as Oracle Points.

Now you can purchase standard bullets for each gun-form, as these are pretty much conventional bullets for use in the early game. Sniper bullets need to be purchased if using the sniper-form etc.

However, in God Eater 3, they’ve added a new mechanic that allows users to create their own bullets. Now, this system can be as complicated or as easy as you want it to be. If you spend time figuring out this complicated mechanic, it can indeed be your best friend. Or if you just wanted a wield a sniper firing shotgun bullets, it’s entirely possible.

Keep in mind, though, that creating custom bullets that correspond to the weapon type gain additional benefits. So creating a custom sniper bullet for use with the sniper is overall better than mixing and matching. Also, the OP (Oracle Points) system isn’t used for custom bullets, as they use their own cost system.

Custom Bullets

These bullets are extremely customizable, and each one can contain up to 8 bullet modules. And as you play through the story, more of these modules become unlocked.

However, sadly getting used to this creator is difficult at best, as they are certain rules that need to be followed. If not, the damage of your bullets will be significantly reduced.

The main four rules that have to be followed are these:


If the bullet path of two or more shots overlaps or intersect, then the overall damage of the bullets will be reduced. Each projectile trajectory angle can be modified to prevent this from happening.

Active Bullets

Only a certain amount of bullets can be fired in the game at once. Each shot fired is called an active bullet. Only five bullets are allowed to be fired at any given time. If a sixth projectile is fired, then the first bullet will disappear. This rule applies to standard and custom bullets.

Synchronous Damage

Each bullet fired has to hit the enemy at different times. If not and two or more bullets impact at the exact same time, then the bullet damage is reduced. The firing timing can be modified to each bullet so that each bullet will hit at a different time.


As custom bullets do not use OP, they instead have a total cost that can be equipped. Each God Eater can carry up to four custom bullets with them, but the accumulated value of these bullets cannot exceed 1200. As an example, if one custom bullet has a value of 200, then only six bullets can be taken with you in total.

Ammo types

Upon making your custom bullets, the ammo type has to be taken into consideration. As bullet module can be used as either Deco (decoration) or Live ammo.

Both these types are entirely different:

Deco ammo has no collision data, so it does not deal with any damage, it’s essentially a carrier for your live ammo. However, this means it can pass through, Arigami/objects. For example, if you’ve created a healing AoE bullet, but the team member is far away from you, and is not accessible due to the size of the Arigami. A deco healing shot will pass through the Arigami and be able to heal your teammate.

Live Ammo is the standard bullet type that when it collides with foes or allies, it will deal damage or heal, etc. But when used in conjunction with deco ammo, all sorts of awesome custom bullets combinations can be created.

Bullet Linking

This is the most complicated part of the custom bullet creation. Specific bullet modules can be linked together in a parent and child relationship. So this means that two or more bullets can be linked together, and all are going to produce different effects.

For example, the bomb bullet is a linking of two different bullets, a standard live round, and a bomb module.

Live Straight: Long Shot L
|_When 1 Hits
Live Bomb: L

It begins with firing off a shot, as it impacts on the enemy, a bomb module will spawn at the impact location of said bullet and explode.

If these two bullets weren’t linked, then the second bullet the Bomb would have exploded on you the moment it was fired.

Multiple bullet modules can be linked together; however, the four rules must be acknowledged, so the maximum amount of damage/healing can be caused.

Bullet Types

There are ten different bullet types, and each one will have a different effect on the bullets that you create. Our God Eater 3 Custom Bullets Guide breaks them all down below.

  • Shot – This is the standard bullet, it stops when it hits something solid, and it also has piercing attributes. It can be fired straight or in a curve.
  • Bomb – This is your explosive bullet. This bullet can not be the parent; it has to be a child in order to be used effectively. So the second shot onwards, never the first.
  • Radial – This bullet radiates energy after it’s been fired. So perfect for wanting to use something in a straight line, such as dropping bombs, etc.
  • Laser – This type can pierce both humans and Arigami, as it fires in a thin line. However, it starts to diffuse when it collides with a solid object. Awesome for deco usage.
  • Radiation – This bullet is designed for the Ray Gun. Its power increases the longer it’s been fired. For use in bullet linkage, it has to be the first module.
  • Sniper – Designed for the Sniper Gun. It has the highest range and piercing damage of all other bullet types. It also intensifies any attribute that’s associated with this bullet.
  • Spread – Used for the Shotgun. The closer you are to the target, the greater the damage.
  • Recovery – This heals the HP of the person it hits. Sadly, this bullet can not be used on yourself. It has to be used on other people. However, they are several types of recovery bullet, such as homing, laser, orb. Each one will have a different amount of recovery effect.
  • Orb – This bullet remains in the air when impacted, so perfect for use when linked to a recovery bullet. Especially when used as a deco bullet, to pass through objects and get to where it’s needed.

A Few Example Recipes

Small Homing Heal

|_When 1 Hits
Small Deco Shot: Orb Rotation Fast (Any Element you like.)
|_Right After 2
Large Radial Heal. Follow

This bullet will home in on your target. Then spawn a spinning Orb that spews a large cone of healing in a massive AoE. Also, this cone will heal multiple times.

Shot S: straight, short
|_ When 1 Hits
|_Deco Orb S: cling short time
|_Bomb S [right after 1]|_ Bomb S [0.2s after 1]|_ Bomb S [0.5s after 1]|_Bomb S [1s after 1]

This bullet will impact on the Arigami, and then release the orb that will cling on the Arigami’s body for a short time. Then it’ll release four bombs gradually over a second, so it is adhering to the rule about synchronous damage, so maximum damage is dealt.

God Eater 3 Custom Bullets Guide – Wrapping Up

We hope you have found our God Eater 3 Custom Bullets Guide helpful. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our God Eater 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels!

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