Last Oasis Weapons | What Are They, Which Ones Work Best?

last oasis weapons

Last Oasis is a crafting survival game with a heavy focus on combat. Creating the best weapons possible before brawling is a necessity, unlike in some survival titles. Melee combat especially will be difficult; as you get stronger and stronger, your enemies will rush at you constantly. So, when you’re outside of your Walker, you’re going to need a means of defending yourself. Our Last Oasis Weapons guide will teach you all you need to know about surviving this game’s combat.

Last Oasis Weapons

Weapons, for the purpose of this guide, will focus on personal weapons. These do not include the frankly fantastic options that can be mounted on your Walker.

Weapon List

Whenever you attack with any weapon or tool, these are the numbers you’re working with. Weapons also have a bonus against soft creatures, vs Absorbtion, and Vs Reduction. These amounts are essentially how the weapon does against various types of armor. Generally, these don’t seem to matter much. However, Piercing/Fire weapons do well against soft, Slashing weapons do good against Absorption, and Bludgeoning against Reduction.

WeaponWeapon TypeDamagePenetrationSpeed
Advanced HatchetOne-Handed5312100
Advanced PickaxeOne-Handed3020110
Beat StickOne-Handed3510110
Blunt QuarterstaffTwo-Handed4110100
Bonespike SwordOne-Handed4521110
Bouldercut Battle AxeTwo-Handed611590
Bouldercut Hand AxeOne-Handed571295
Firestone AxeOne-Handed5512100
Firestone BattleaxeTwo-Handed611080
Firestone BludgeonOne-Handed5915110
Firestone BozdoganTwo-Handed69795
Firestone HammerstaffTwo-Handed5810100
Firestone KopeshOne-Handed5421105
Firestone LongbladeTwo-Handed5720135
Heavy Rawbone Hand AxeOne-Handed501280
Ironblade QuarterstaffTwo-Handed5512120
Jaggertooth ClubOne-Handed431588
Jaggertooth MaulTwo-Handed5210110
Long Bonespike SwordstaffTwo-Handed5820135
Long Ceramic HoofmaceTwo-Handed621095
Master PickaxeOne-Handed3520100
Nibiran Battle AxeTwo-Handed5616110
Nibiran Curved DaggerOne-Handed5840135
Nibiran DecapitatorTwo-Handed4610100
Nibiran HammerOne-Handed651590
Nibiran Hand AxeOne-Handed8010100
Nibiran QuarterstaffTwo-Handed561580
Nibiran WarhammerTwo-Handed805115
Paddleblade QuarterstaffTwo-Handed3040100
Rawbone Battle AxeTwo-Handed621095
Rawbone ClubOne-Handed4915110
Rawbone Hand AxeOne-Handed4612120
Rawbone MaulTwo-Handed561580
Rawbone QuarterstaffTwo-Handed5210100
Sawtooth SwordTwo-Handed5616110
Short Ceramic HoofmaceOne-Handed5415110
Short MalletbladeOne-Handed5127105

How to Make The Best Ones

This is a crafting game, so of course you’re going to want to get up the Tech tree and get to Nibiran. Nibiran is by far the strongest material in the game, and includes weapons that deal more than 80 damage!

Nibiran recipes need a ton of tablets, so you’ll need Ancient Fabricators. That means you’ll need between 400 fragments and 1,000 Torque at permanent Fabricators. At temporary ones, you’ll get RNG’d sometimes; 400 Torque and 100 Fragments work the best, but aren’t guaranteed to return tablets.

We suggest getting at least a Nibiran Warhammer or Hammer. These are 200% against Reduction, which is absurd. The Battle Axe is likely your other weapon of choice. It’s ridiculous all around! Take the Hand Axe instead if you want your offhand for something like a shield.

In general, Nibiran weapons require wood shafts, Nibiran Ingots, Nomad Cloth, and Rupu vine. These are all fairly rare materials, so try to work your way through the tech trees before trying to craft Nibiran stuff. This stuff is effective, but hard to get to!

Some interesting weapons that aren’t top tier include Firebombs. Fire Bombs hit hard against Robust and Soft materials, have 50% penetration, and do fine against Absorbing and Reduction. They don’t hit very hard, and they’re consumable, but they do good damage, and are worth considering. Javelins deal more damage, but have less penetration and don’t deal fire damage.

A Note On Blocking

If you’re having trouble in combat, turn on Fluid Blocking in your settings. That might help you block a tiny bit easier!

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Wrapping Up our Last Oasis Weapons Guide

That’s it for our Last Oasis Weapons Guide. Did we leave anything out? If so, hit us up in the comment section below.

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