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FFXIV Righteous Indignation

In the vast realm of Shadowbringers, we meet old friends and new. In patch 5.5, we’re heading to see someone that we haven’t looked at in a long time; Tiamat! This is part of the endgame storyline of Shadowbringers, and as of this article’s writing, is closing in on the newest story dungeon. So, if your goal is to keep up-to-date, or catch up on the story, then you’ll need to complete “Righteous Indignation” at some point. Our FFXIV Righteous Indignation guide will quickly go over your objectives and the basic story.

Righteous Indignation FFXIV

Righteous Indignation is a main scenario quest completable after the end of Shadowbringers. If you have not completed “Here Be Dragons” yet, check the top left of your screen. That will show you the Main Scenario Quest that is next on your list. Complete Shadowbringers and follow that quest notification if you haven’t gotten to this point yet.

Righteous Indignation has the Scions heading to the Flagship for information about how to free Tiamat from her prison. When searching for the necessary Allagan node, you’ll find them all to the upper side of the circle; two on the “ground level”, one on the leftmost bridge. When you return to Alphinaud, the correct answer is the one involving Tiamat’s prison; all other answers will just lead you in circles.

Other than those two objectives, this is another talking quest, that has the Scions talking with Tiamat about freeing her and her children. Estinien seems to earn her respect – or her ire – which makes her willing to follow along with the plan. Thankfully, the Flagship’s Allagan nodes are still working, and the Warrior of Light is able to find the one that Alphinaud can use to free Tiamat… At the right time.

Now that you’ve done Righteous Indignation, you can do “For Vengeance”, and you’re on your way towards the new dungeon Paglth’an. Good luck!

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