How to Solve the Astral Chain Brothers Quiz

astral chain brothers quiz

While the newest release from PlatinumGames features some intense action-filled gameplay, there is more than meets the eye for some aspects of the game. Throughout the game you’ll find the opportunity to solve different puzzles. One specific puzzle that has some players stumped in the Astral Chain brothers quiz. If you’re looking for the answers to this quiz, then look no further because we’ve got the answers for you!

Astral Chain Brothers Quiz Guide

Before you can solve the quiz, you’ll need to find the Quiz Kids. Once you’ve made it to File 03 in the game you can head over to the Maison Forest and find the Arm Mechanic NPC. If you’re having trouble finding the Arm Mechanic, then just head over to the edge of the Maison Forest and you should see them. Next to the Arm Mechanic will be a yellow ladder that you can climb, the Five Brothers are up at the top waiting to quiz you.

There are two different quizzes that the brothers will give you with the first being by far the most complicated. Solving both quizzes will earn you a Call Burst +30% ability so it’s definitely worth the effort. The first quiz involves each brother giving you a conflicting statement, you have to figure out which brother is telling the truth.

Select the fourth brother who says, “I’m the fabulous fourth brother! The third brother is lying!” After solving this puzzle you’ll unlock a Torn Bag and the Police Notes and Legion Rush ability. The second quiz involves each of the kids running around and then asking you to pick out the eldest. If you can keep up with the camera it’s ok, the oldest will always stand on the far right of the lineup.

Edit: A commenter tells us the oldest brother was not on the far right from them, so watch carefully.

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  1. That’s not even true. I just did this myself. I raised the camera to look at myself from the top down and followed the boy until the end and he was the one standing second from the left (in brother #2’s spot).

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