God Eater 3 All Arigami Materials

God Eater 3 All Arigami Materials

For fans of the God Eater saga, God Eater 3 has been a long time coming. And given the response Nerds and Scoundrels has received to its God Eater 3 content, it looks like the game has not disappointed! It’s an in-depth experience that hits all the right notes. With so much content within the game, you might need a hand on finding everything. That’s why we’ve put together our God Eater 3 Materials List. Keep reading for the full list below.

The list is easy to navigate, with the material followed by how you can find it.

God Eater 3 Materials List

-Acala From Nuadha
-Alycone From Glacial Ra
-Aker From Svartr Balmung
-Angel From Zygote
-Arachne From Blast Spider
-Argyro From Blast Spider
-Avian From Chi-You
-Bahamut From Caligula
-Barghest From Anubis
-Beetle From Dreadpike
-Bushi From Havakiri
-Chimera From Vajra
-Corvid From Nemain
-Draconic From Gboro-Gboro
-Gaoh From Barbarius
-Goddess From Sariel
-Gore From Barbarius
-Gorgon From False Idol
-Hydra From Chrome Gawain
-Idol From Fallen False Idol
-King From Quadriga
-Knight From Borg Camlann
-Kubera From Namhaid Nuadha
-Lugh From Fallen Barbarius
-Maera From Anubis
-Mars From Marduk
-Mot From Balmung
-Muninn From Fallen Nemain
-Ogre From Ogretail
-Oreb From Nemain
-Pardosa From Blast Spider
-Pixie From Cocoon Maiden
-Ronin From Havakiri
-Satori From Nuadha
-Serpent From Hannibal
-Shrine From False Idol
-Simian From Kongou
-Sol From Ra
-Surtr From Axe raider
-Vulpine From Kyuubi
-Yama From Balmung

Nerds and Scoundrels

God Eater 3 Materials

And that concludes our God Eater 3 Materials List. Did we leave anything out? Leave us a message in the comment section below if we did. and don’t forget to check out the rest of our God Eater 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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