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Vampire Survivors is a deceptively simplistic game on the surface. It features one-button controls, straightforward pixel graphics and a tiny file size that could leave the uninitiated believing that it is not too complex. They would be wrong, since the game packs in tonnes of features. Characters, levels, enemies, bosses, modifiers, and stats that make each run truly unique. One of the stats in question is called ‘Luck’, which has left even seasoned Vampire Survivors players a bit mystified as to what it actually does. Here we will explore the luck stat in Vampire Survivors and break down its effects. 

What is Luck in Vampire Survivors? 

Vampire Survivors Luck

Luck is a stat in Vampire Survivors which impacts the chance of random events occurring and increases the odds that various positive things happen. When you start any given run, you will have a luck percentage of 100%, which is the base value. Be wary however that different characters may have different starting luck values and power ups. Any modifications of the luck stat will stack and there is no upper limit to the amount of luck that a player can have in any run. 

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What does luck do? 

Luck will increase the chances of a range of positive outcomes and events during the game. These effects are as follows:

  • Increases the chances of a fourth choice being available from each level up
  • Increases the chances of getting pickups that aren’t gold coins or coin bags from any destroyed light sources
  • Increases the respawn rate of light sources
  • Increases the chance of multiple drops from a treasure chest
  • Increases the frequency of critical hits with various weapons 
  • Increases the chance of the Cherry Bomb weapon exploding
  • Increases the chance of the Gatti Amari weapon attacking
  • Increases the chances that Vicious Hunger will turn enemies into gold coins or other pickups
  • Increases the chances that enemies will be frozen when using the listed weapons in the Jail of Crystal (XIV) Arcana
  • Increases the chance of spawning more stage items such as powerups or weapons
  • Increases the chance to receive weapons directly to your inventory 
  • Increases the cooldown of traps in the Gallo Tower and Dairy Plant stages

While luck increases the chances, spawn rates and cooldown rates of these elements, it also reduces the chances of various things:

  • Reduces the chance of various events such as Swarms and Flower Walls
  • Reduces the chance of various negative weapon effects taking place such a Gatti Amari attacking the layer or the Pentagram destroying items

Luck Powerup

From the menu, you will be able to purchase the luck powerup, which takes the form of a four leafed clover. It will cost 600 gold coins at first, with each subsequent rank costing more. 

This powerup will increase your luck by 10% each time, with a maximum rank of 3. At the maximum rank, you will have 30% more luck than the base value you started with. 

Clover Passive Item

As well as being a powerup, there is a passive item called the Clover which will have the same effect as the powerup but will only be in effect for the run that you collect it on. You can receive this as a choice when leveling up or as a map item. Unlike the powerup, the Clover can be chosen up to 5 times, maxing out your additional luck bonus at 50%. 

Little Clover pickup

In addition to both the luck powerup and the Clover passive item, there is a pickup called the Little Clover which increases luck by 10% each time it is collected. The Golden Egg item will permanently increase the luck of the character that collected it by 1% each time. 

Character Luck stats

As mentioned, certain playable characters will offer more or less luck than the standard starting value:

  • Ambrojoe: Starts with 20% more luck
  • Exdash: Starts with 100% more luck and gains an additional 10% luck every 10 levels up to a cap of 50% 
  • Toastie: Starts with 100% more luck and gains an additional 20% luck every 10 levels up to a cap of 100%
  • Smith: Starts with 100% more luck and gains an additional 0.7% luck every level, with no cap
  • Divano: Starts with 30% more luck
  • Cosmo: Starts with 20% more luck
  • Sigma: Starts with 50% more luck

It is also worth mentioning that the Wicked Season (XIII) Arcana will double luck in random 10 second intervals, with an additional 0.5% luck being given every level. 

Stage Luck bonuses

When activating the hyper mode of any stage (with the exception of Mad Forest and The Bone Zone), will give some luck bonuses. 

The hyper mode of inlaid, library, dairy plant, gallo tower, cappella magna and green acres will grant a luck bonus of 10%

The hyper mode of Il Molise and Moonglow will grant a luck bonus of 20%

Is Luck good in Vampire Survivors?

Whether luck is good in Vampire Survivors will come down to what you are aiming to achieve on a given run of the game. If you are looking to gain the most gold, you should be looking to maximize your luck. Outside of that, you will be able to get significantly powerful without any bonuses to luck, although for certain weapons it can enhance your effectiveness. 

If you are using the Pentagram weapon, luck is particularly useful since at a value of +54% luck, there is absolutely no chance that items will be erased. 

What is the highest possible Luck stat in Vampire Survivors? 

To achieve the highest possible luck stat in a run, you should start the game with Cosmo who will begin with 20% additional luck. For each level gained, Cosmo will gain a further 1% luck bonus. On top of this, you can have the fully upgraded luck powerup which will grant a further 30% luck and 5 levels of the Clover item to give another 50%. To complete this full luck run, you should play on Il Molise or Moonglow with hyper mode activated to grant a final 20% luck bonus. 

Does luck affect Stalker spawn rate?

Having a higher luck stat will reduce the chances of the Stalker enemy spawning in Vampire Survivors. It is not clear exactly how this event is affected by the luck stat specifically, but it does have an impact. 

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