Ace Combat 7 Mission 20 Dark Blue Walkthrough

Ace Combat 7 Mission 20


The last Arsenal Bird is down, but Mission 20 of Ace Combat 7 thrusts you into one last big fight against the two superpowered drones you’ve just discovered. They’re planning on using the Space Elevator to remotely hijack drone factories and build themselves some reinforcements. That’s not good. The good news is that Erusian and Osean forces have combined to take out these drones once and for all. The other good news is that you’ve got this Nerds and Scoundrels Ace Combat 7 Mission 20 Walkthrough to help you out.

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Ace Combat 7 Mission 20 Walkthrough

The mission opens with an all-out assault on the Space Elevator and the two super drones you were sent to destroy. Named Muninn and Huginn, the two drones are programmed to fly like Mihaly. They are a tough fight, but they are beatable.

Like Mihaly, the drones are nimble enough that they require multiple direct hits. Your best bet is to stick tight on their tail throughout the mission, firing the gun when viable. As long as you can stick to their tail you can kill them both in a matter of minutes.

Once the drones are dead, you will learn there was actually a third drone capable of making the broadcast. It flies into an undersea tunnel that leads to the Space Elevator. Guess who gets to go after it?

The Windbreak

Ace Combat 7 Mission 20

When you follow the drone into the tunnel, you’ll have to navigate the tight tunnel system while following the drone. Be on your toes, as more than one door will slam in front of you, forcing you to switch tunnels. Once you get into the central room, you’ll have a short timer to kill the drone and destroy all the repeaters. Once you do that, you’ll just need to get home. Follow the waypoints and head straight up through the tunnel above.


There are two missions tied directly to Mission. The first is Reaching New Heights, which you will earn just by finishing the mission. The second is What a Wonderful World, which you will obtain by completing the campaign mode.

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Nerds and Scoundrels

Ace Combat 7 Mission 20

And that concludes our Ace Combat 7 Mission 20 Walkthrough. Did we leave anything out? We hope not! Either way, let us know if this helped you beat the Dark Blue mission by leaving us a comment below. And don’t forget to check out our Ace Combat 7 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.



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  1. I get to the end of the tunnel in Mission 20, but do not know how to get to the vertical tower path to get out. What “way points”? Thanks for any help. ~ Chcolgary

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