How to Fish in Atlas

Atlas how to fish

If you play Atlas for any amount of time, you’re going to be on a boat alot. Why not learn how to fish? Nerds and Scoundrels can help you learn how! Keep reading below for our Atlas How to Fish Guide.

Atlas How to Fish Guide

Whether you are trying to catch a meal or raise your blue Vitamin bar, our Atlas How to Fish Guide has the answers for you. You can either collect the skills and equipment necessary to craft and use a rod and reel, or use more creative methods: spear fishing.

Spear Fishing in Atlas

Spear fishing is, at the time of writing, the easiest method to use. You can use any spear. Just jump in the ocean, swim up to a fish, and attack with the spear. You will then need to drag the fish to land to harvest the carcass. You can use a boat to spear fish anywhere in the ocean.

Traditional Fishing in Atlas

To fish, you’ll need a fishing rod. You’ll also need some bait and a chair to sit in. To make the Fishing Rod, you need to unlock Tools of the Trade and then Advanced Tools in the Survivalism tree. You then need to unlock Construction in the same tree before unlocking Basics of Building in the Construction & Mercantilism tree.

To fish, place your chair near the water. For bait, you can use sugar can or sap. Simply drag the bait to your rod from your inventory. Put your rod into the third slot of your hotbar and have a seat in your new chair.

To begin, look at the water and select your rod. You will see a blue cursor; left click to cast the rod. You won’t get any indicator when you have a fish, which means you will need to just reel in from time to time. That’s it!

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Atlas How to Fish Guide. Any questions about how to fish in Atlas? Ask away in the comment section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Atlas content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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