Vampire Survivors Bible Evolve: How to Get Unholy Vespers

If you have already discovered the King Bible in Vampire Survivors, you know that it is a powerful AoE weapon that can carry you through much of the game. You might also know it can evolve into an even better option, the Unholy Vespers. We dive into securing the Unholy Vespers in our Vampire Survivors Bible Evolve Guide.

How to Evolve the Bible in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Bible Evolve

Before you can evolve the King Bible, you’ll need to obtain it. Thankfully, this isn’t tough to do. The King Bible is the starting weapon for the character Donnario. While you don’t start the game with access to Donnario, he is available to unlock once you earn 5000 gold coins in a single run. After that, you can pay 500 gold to unlock him and the King Bible along with him.

Next, you need to level the King Bible up to level 8. This involves some grinding, but it is the only way to evolve the weapon. Once the bible hits level 8, you are only a few items away from evolving the bible. These items include Spellbinder and a rare enemy’s chest.

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How to Get Spellbinder

Spellbinder is a passive item in Vampire Survivors. You’ll need it to complete the bible evolution. You can pick up Spellbinder in the Gallo Tower in Moonglow. However, you also need to get the Runetracer weapon to level 7 in order to unlock Spellbinder. Once you have Spellbinder, you won’t need to do anything else with it as part of this evolution.

Nab the Rare Enemy’s Chest

The last step in this process is picking up a rare enemy’s chest. These will spawn when you last at least 10 minutes with a rare enemy. Once you have everything you need, you are ready to evolve the King Bible into Unholy Vespers!

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