FFXIV All That Grinds is Not Gloom | How to Get, What is it For?

FFXIV all that grinds is not gloom

Completing the YoRHa questline in Shadowbringers will start a few weekly quests that you can do. These quests involve you helping the small dwarven mining community to recover after the attacks on it. Komra’s not doing too well, so your help is probably much appreciated. One of the quests that you can complete here is All That Grinds is Not Gloom FFXIV. However, at a glance, it is not clear why you should even complete this quest… This guide will explain what it’s for, and if you should even bother with it.

All That Grinds is Not Gloom FFXIV

In order to get the quest “All That Grinds is Not Gloom”, you must first complete the alliance raid The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. Once the raid is completed, it will continue the storyline of Komra. If you have not unlocked the raid yet, head to Komra (Top right of Kholusia) and figure out if you need to do more quests for the dwarves that live there.

Should you complete All That Grinds is Not Gloom? Right now, this quest continues the story of Komra. You will probably get letters from Konogg, since he moved on from the disaster in the Crater to do his own thing. So, you can get a little bit more lore about this small dwarven village, and you get to explore the Copied Factory for a specific reason. That can be fun by itself, and the quest doesn’t take too much of your time.

Right now, since the quest is weekly, we don’t have much information about the story elements that you can unlock by going through these quests. However, that just increases the mystery; surely there is something else to Komra that we do not know about!

It is safe to say that All That Grinds is Not Gloom is going to be focused on unlocking more lore for Komra. While awesome and really cool, it’s likely not going to unlock additional content outside of letters or small gifts.

We hope you enjoyed the YoRHa: The Dark Apocalypse crossover! Hopefully, all crossovers can be this fantastic.

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