How to Uppercut a Non Red Reaper in Vampire Survivors

There are plenty of homages to other famous video games in Vampire Survivors. One of those is the ability to unlock “Toastie,” a shoutout to the uppercut graphic from Mortal Kombat. Unlocking toastie isn’t so simple, as you are asked to “uppercut a non red reaper.” What does that even mean? Let’s dive into our guide to find out.

Uppercut a Non Red Reaper Walkthrough

uppercut a non red reaper

There are several steps you’ll need to take before you can unlock Toastie. In fact, you’ll need to unlock another character before you ever get to complete this achievement. The first step in the process involves first unlocking Exdash.

Unlocking Exdash

Despite what some forums tell you, it is not necessary to play as Exdash to secure Toastie. You have the option to play any character of your choice when you uppercut a non red reaper. The critical thing is that Exdash is unlocked. Once that happens, you are good to continue!

Unlocking Exdash is easy if you know how. In fact, it is as simple as using a cheat code. Just type x-x1viiq on the main menu or while using the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.

What Am I Supposed to Uppercut?

The hints here are confusing, given that you do not actually need to punch anything to unlock Toastie. While the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane describe it as an uppercut, this is just a reference to the uppercut graphic from the classic Mortal Kombat. All you need to do is defeat the correct enemy in any way you see fit. There are multiple Reapers in the game. As you might have guessed, you need to defeat one other than the red type. These options include:

  • Green: The Stalker
  • Blue: The Drowner
  • Purple: The Trickster

Each of these monsters are tough, although having the Pentagram weapon equipped will simplify things. Beat one of these reapers and there’s only one step left!

The Pink Ghost

Once you have defeated a non-red reaper, a pink ghost will pop up on your screen in the lower-right corner. Hey, another homage to Mortal Kombat! If you are familiar with that game, you know what comes next. Quickly press the Down button and Enter at the same time. You only have a moment to do this so act quickly. Doing so unlocks Toastie!

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