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tew 2020 mods

For wrestling fans, the Total Extreme Wrestling franchise has been a Godsend. For decades, developed Adam Ryland has iterated on his popular wrestling simulator. In 2016, the previous version of the game was released to much fanfare. It has taken four years to get a new version, but you can count on it to be worth the wait. Ready to learn about the best TEW 2020 mods?

The default database is fun. That said, both real-world and fantasy mods are hard to beat. These mods span through the decades of real-world wrestling or flesh out the default database.

We love these mods, and we’re excited to list some of our favorites for 2020. Watch this space for our picks once the game drops.

TEW 2020 Mods

For now, we are waiting for the official release of Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 before we dive into the best mods. Given the strong community that surrounds this game, there is little doubt the mods will be outstanding.

In fact, developer Adam Ryland has made clear in the developer’s journal that previous mods will convert easily from the 2016 version. For now, there is little to do other than wait.

Need a wrestling fix before the game drops? You can always follow the process at the announcement thread on the official forums. And if you’re already a fan of prior games, check out our Best TEW 2016 Mods Rankings here at Nerds and Scoundrels!

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