Elm Log FFXIV Guide | Where to Get it and How to Use It


Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game, and of course, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now, with its third major expansion out, FFXIV is monstrous in size and scale. Though sometimes when you are just starting out on what seems to be an everlasting journey, trying to find those materials, is a pain. However, there are a few easy items attainable, but also they’re a few rare ones that take time and effort to find. One such item is the Elm Log, which is pretty awkward to find. Get the scoop with our Elm Log FFXIV Guide.

How to Get the Elm Log in FFXIV

The Elm Log is located in the Central Shroud at coordinates x20 y20. However, it’s not just that simple to go and find it in that area. Players must have a Logging level of 12, and a Perception of over 35.

Perception in Final Fantasy XIV affects the rate at which high-quality items are gathered. So the higher your perception, the higher the chance of gathering a rarer material.

So if you are under Logging level 15 and do not have a Perception of 35, then there is no chance of getting an Elm Log from gathering spots.

There are six Level 15 Levequests that players can undertake for an Elm Log as a reward. However, Levequests loot is picked from a pool of up to six items. This means there is a chance of getting Elm Log as a reward, but you have a higher chance of getting something else you don’t need nor want.

For example, the Level 15 Levequest Bowing to Necessity. There is a pool of five items for this quest, Wind Shards either x11-36, Water Shards either 11-36 or eight Elm Logs.

Here are the six Levequests that have Elm Log as a potential reward:

Bowing to Necessity15
Driving up the Wall15
Nightmare on My Street15
Nothing to Hide15
Re-crating the Scene15
What You Need15
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Other Options

There is another way to get Elm Logs, as that is by going on a Botany Exploration Venture. In a venture, your retainer will ask you to procure a specified item amount in a set amount of time. As your retainers Gathering stat levels up, the quality of the items returned to you is increased. However, as they gain more levels, the time required to collect the mats is shortened.

Level 12: Elm Log

  • Quantity: 15, 20 or 30
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • EXP: 23,700
  • Costs: 1
  • Min. Gathering: 41

And lastly, this is for players who don’t have the time to farm lower level mats for use for crafting. If you have the Skill for Alchemist Desynth, its possible to desynthesis two items to potentially get an Elm Log as a result.

The two items are; Aetherial Hard Leather Grimoire and the Hard Leather Grimoire.

Both of these items have the chance to give a single Elm Log as a result of desynthesising; however, it is not guaranteed.

Sadly, there is no NPC Merchant who you can buy this material from. Unlike buyable items like Yak Milk, these three ways above are the only way to get Elm Logs.

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