The Top Ten Best TEW 16 Mods

TEW 16 Mods

We at Nerds and Scoundrels love the big console blockbusters and idle mobile clickers just as much as the next guy. But deep in our nerd hearts is a yearning for something more in-depth. Something that focuses on strategy and figures over flashy graphics. We are of course referring to sports simulators. And our very favorite is more sports entertainment than sports! Total Extreme Wrestling 16 is the most recent release in a long line of wrestling simulators released by Adam Ryland. The game has a thriving community that has followed every release. The vanilla game is fun and is easily replayed countless times. However, one of the biggest draws is the game’s ability to be modded to fit real life. Looking for TEW 16 mods? Here our picks for the ten best! These include both real world and mods and those based on the TEW 16 universe.

10. The LondonVerse

TEW 16 Mods

Named after pro wrestling legend Jackie London, this mod is finally in beta release after its start in 2011. The mod is based entirely on characters created by the mod makers. While it is still a work in progress, there are 1527 active wrestlers that make for a well thought out mod.

9. Montreal Aftermath

TEW 16 Mods

One of several mods created by a group known as the Mod Squad, the Montreal Aftermath mod begins immediately after the infamous ‘Montreal Screwjob.’ The Monday Night Wars are in full swing, and after losing his WWF Championship in one of wrestling’s most infamous moments, Bret Hart is headed to WCW. This mod begins at one of the most volatile points in the business and is great fun.

8. The RockVerse

TEW 16 Mods

Much like the LondonVerse in entry #10, the RockVerse is a universe designed by willr0ck, one of the best render makers on the TEW forum. The end result is a mod that offers a set of character renders that are better than those in the default C-Verse. The only reason this isn’t higher is that the mod is currently in beta, and only American promotions are playable.

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7. Rising Storms

TEW 16 Mods

Set in the real world in 1991, Rising Storms takes a look at the wrestling landscape as the golden age of the 1980s begins to crumble. The WWF is still riding high in North America on the back of Hulk Hogan, but fan attitudes are rapidly changing. The regional system is all but dead, but WCW is making moves in hopes of catching up to the world leader. Meanwhile, Japan is in its own golden era with the legends of yesterday mixing with the future stars of tomorrow.

6. Real World Chronicles

TEW 16 Mods

One of the most popular real world mods set in the modern day, the Real World Chronicles is updated roughly every four months. The mod is created by Fleisch, one of the more well-known modders in the Grey Dog Software community. Real World Chronicles has nearly 50 active promotions in every continent besides Australia.

5. 1997 C-Verse Mod

TEW 16 Mods

The default database, known as the CornellVerse or C-Verse for short, is set in 2016 and represents the most modern data in the universe. However, if you’re interested in the early lore of the C-Verse a user has created a 1997 historical mod based on the default database. In the setting, the powerhouse promotion SWF is being challenged for the first time by an upstart promotion boasting two of the best wrestlers on the planet. This mod gives you a chance to see some of the retired legends of the modern-day mod in action.

4. Clash of the Titans

TEW 16 Mods

Set in the real world in 1994, Clash of the Titans begins at the very start of WCW’s war against the WWF. Eric Bischoff is at the helm of WCW. The company has just signed legendary Hulk Hogan to a multi-year contract. WCW now appears to be heading to a match that has been anticipated by fans for years: Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair.

3. Death of the Territories

TEW 16 Mods

Arguably the best-known mod for the entire TEW series, Death of the Territories has an excellent design but has been rarely updated over the years. However, the mod is still well-balanced and set at one of the most interesting times in wrestling. The mod is set in the early 1980’s. The territory system that had ruled wrestling for a generation was under threat from the expansion by Vince McMahon. DOTT gives you the chance to fight off the WWF or re-live McMahon’s conquest.

2. TheWho87 Real World Mod

TEW 16 Mods

The most popular mods for most TEW players are those real world mods that are frequently updated. User TheWho87 is responsible for the most frequently updated modern real world mod. The mod has a large selection of wrestlers but is optimized for speed by limiting the number of active promotions. It is our favorite real world mod.

1. The ThunderVerse

TEW 16 Mods

At the top of the list is the ThunderVerse. Unlike most other mods, the ThunderVerse is not a re-imagining of the C-Verse or a real world mod. The ThundVerse is an entirely separate universe with unique workers, companies, that has been updated since TEW 13. The mod is balanced, making it possible to have an endless number of play-throughs. In fact, the ThunderVerse is so good it is on the only mod Adam Ryland has ever given an official “seal of approval.” It gets our seal of approval too.

That wraps up our TEW 16 Mods list, but did we leave out a great mod? Let us know!

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