Persona 5 Sonic Socks Guide

Persona 5 Sonic Socks

In the eyes of most players, the best TV shopping channel item in Persona 5 is sonic socks. The item is difficult to come by; you can only acquire these socks by purchasing them on the appropriate day from the TV shopping channel.

Shopping TV

One of the interesting parts of Persona games is the TV shopping channel. Each Sunday, you are able to turn on your TV and buy items. Every item purchased will be delivered the following day. It’s important to note that items can only be purchased from the TV shopping channel on Sunday. Each Sunday, a unique item is listed for sale on the channel. Each item is only listed on a single day, so you’ll need to purchase it immediately or lose out forever. If you are unable to purchase an item, it’s possible you might find it randomly in a palace later but you can’t count on that method.

What are Sonic Socks?

Sonic Socks are a nod to Sonic the Hedgehog. The item description even refers to the item as “socks that let one run as fast as a hedgehog.” Like the other items sold on the TV shopping channel, Sonic Socks have a single bonus: +5 Speed. While many of the items on the channel are of limited use, these socks have a broad benefit that can be used in many ways.

Buying Sonic Socks

There is one primary way to pick up Sonic Socks in Persona 5. You can purchase Sonic Socks for 4980 Yen. The socks are only available on Sunday, September 25th. When purchased, your Sonic Socks will arrive on September 26th. Unlike other items like Wild Clogs, Sonic Socks cannot be found in the wild. This means your only chance at acquiring them is through the TV shopping channel.

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