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Recently, Stellaris’s community and even their official Twitter has been rocked by a pretty powerful meme. The team seemed absorbed by a specific entity for the time when they were locked in quarantine; a creature known only as Jeff. The team loves Jeff, and introduced him to the community with loving references and their pre-created memes. So, who is Stellaris’s Jeff, and does it even matter that he exists? I’d argue; yes, it does!

Who is Jeff? Our Stellaris Jeff Guide

Jeff is the flagstone character of the Jefarian race, the prepatent race of the Pasharti Absorbers. Jeff himself was developed out of a basic sketch sent from the Stellaris team’s slack channel. He is a wonderful image to see; he has flappy cheeks and a chin that goes significantly lower than the deepest pits of hell. If that wasn’t good enough, his lips can only be described as a “fish out of water,” with beady eyes that scream “I’ve been introduced to a galaxy filled with pain.” His pasty white skin certainly doesn’t help his image.

The lore behind the Jefarian race is actually suitably awesome. Apparently, they are the ones who unleashed the Pasharti absorbers… and screwed over everyone. So, not only do they look like some dying fish – they accidentally destroyed the entire universe!

This absolute unit was immediately received with love from the community. His face was simply too precious to play around with, and got some attention from both Paradox and the fanbase. The cascade of images that replaced Jeff’s face can be best found through this Twitter thread.

While Jeff may have been replaced with the slightly more extreme Necrophage race that now frontlines the  Game’s DLC, his impact is not lost. Stellaris’s official picture has the silly-looking Jefarian front and center. If that wasn’t hilarious enough, several developers have willingly replaced their headshots with Jeff’s.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I am not sure if the Jefarians have made it into the final product.

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Does Jeff Matter?

Not really, but as a community member of Stellaris, you might need to get used to seeing his face! So many members of the fanbase love Jeff… and most importantly, the Developers! These guys are all over the place and are likely to stick around for a couple more months. In addition, it’s not unlikely that they’ll be added as a Portrait for a race (or, they may have already been so. Sorry Jeff!). In that case, you might see this floppy fella in your online games, or randomly assigned as a race.

So… Try to have as much fun with Jeff as the developers have. The Jefarians are here to stay; if not in the game, in the hearts of the community.

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