Tears of the Kingdom Early Armor – What is Available?

Looking for the best possible armor early in Tears of the Kingdom? We can help with that. One of the joys of this series is discovering an equipping new gear to fit your needs. Of course, we all want the strongest possible armor, especially in the early parts of the game. The following guide lays out your options and where to find them. Stick with us for our Tears of the Kingdom Early Armor Guide.

Our Guide to the Best Early Armor in Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

tears of the kingdom early armor

Below, we run down our three favorite options for early game armor.

Champion’s Leathers

A throwback to Breathe of the Wild and its Champions Tunic, the Champion’s Leathers are the blue armor that Link is wearing in most of the promotional material for the game. While it is similar to the original blue tunic, there are some small differences with this armor set.

You can find the Champion’s Leathers in the Hyrule Castle throne room. You’ll need to fight your way there, but once you arrive securing the leathers is easy. Just light the torch on each side throne to reveal a hidden chamber behind the throne. Inside, you’ll find the Champion’s Leathers.

Hylian Set

Arguably the first set of armor you should pick up is the Hylian set. This includes the Hylian Hood and Tunic. While this option is nothing special, it provides an increase in defense over your starting equipment that could keep you alive.

This is also one of the easiest armor sets to pick up. You can purchase both items at Lookout Landing. The tunic is 130 rupees, and the hood is 70.

Archaic Warm Greaves

the biggest downside with starting with the Hylian Set is the high cost. If you don’t have enough for the entire set, the Archaic Warm Greaves might work for you. They do not offer as much defense as the items in the Hylian set, but they do offer cold resistance. You can find these on Great Sky Island.

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