Drake Hollow Cross Platform | Can You Play Across Consoles?

drake hollow cross platform

Drake Hollow is an Xbox game, with Microsoft having a solid hold on the Molasses Flood’s game. So, it’s currently only on Xbox, the Windows Gaming Store, and Steam. However, if you got it early on, it was an Xbox exclusive. What if your friends would rather get the PC version? Will you be able to play cross platform? Check out our Drake Hollow Cross Platform guide to find out.

Drake Hollow Cross Platform Guide

Drake Hollow does have some limited crossplay capabilities. You may play between Xbox and the Microsoft Store, but not between anything and Steam. So, if your friends have Steam, you should get the Steam version. If your friends are on Xbox or through the Windows 10 store, you should get it on those two platforms.

This is far from the end of the world; the game runs fine through the Windows 10 store, and it’s not exactly hard to find. You might lose some organization, but the game will still be available on your computer.

Does this mean that Steam will never get a crossplay version? Well, probably not. It wouldn’t be too hard to imagine Steam getting a way to play with others through cross platform on Xbox or something similar. Crossplay is relatively hard to do, but the game is already capable of PC/Xbox play. Currently, the developers say that the crossplay is easier to do since Xbox and Windows 10 share a friend list. That makes it less likely for the Steam version to get crossplay in the future, unless some sort of deal is made. Otherwise, it’ll be a lot of effort to pair up the friend list, and I personally doubt that Steam and Xbox will be willing to share friend list information.

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Drake Hollow has some crossplay, specifically between the Microsoft Store and Xbox. Maybe someday the two companies will be more willing to work together and make it easier to work across consoles. Or maybe Drake Hollow will implement a lobby feature to lower reliance on friends lists. Who knows? For now, all you can do is make sure you and your friends coordinate what console you get the game on.

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