How to Get the Champion’s Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of Zelda fans rejoice! After several years away, the series has returned in all of its glory with Tears of the Kingdom. This is one of the deepest Zelda games ever – and one of the biggest games we’ve seen, period. Despite all this new content, there are some throwbacks to the good old days of Breath of the Wild. One of those is the inclusion of Champion’s Tunic. Learn how to find it with our Tears of the Kingdom Champions Tunic guide.

Tears of the Kingdom Champions Tunic Guide

tears of the kingdom champions leathers

The Champion’s Tunic is available in Tears of the Kingdom, but it goes by a different name. In this version of the game, it is known as the Champion’s Leathers. Despite this change, there is little doubt that this item is a callback to the blue tunic from Breathe of the Wild.

Finding the leathers is straightforward. You will need to enter Hyrule Castle and make your way to the throne room. This is of course no easy feat, as the path to the throne room is teeming with enemies. Once you arrive, look for the two torches on either side of the throne.

Next, light the torches. When you do, a secret tomb will open up behind the throne. Inside of the tomb are the leathers you are looking for. The last step is to equip them and move on with your adventure!

Wrapping Up

The Champion’s Tunic – or champion’s leathers, if we’re being specific – is only one of the cool items you’ll pick up along the way in Tears of the Kingdom. As you play through, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade weapons and discover a range of other tools as well. Have you had any luck so far in your quests? Leave us a comment below and let us know how it is going!

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