Far Cry New Dawn Companions Guide – Where to Find All Companions

Far Cry New Eden Companions

One of the best parts of he Far Cry series is having a good companion by your side. Far Cry New Dawn is no different; there are a number of excellent companies that ready to help you along the way. Nerds and Scoundrels has put together our Far Cry New Dawn Companions Guide to help you figure out how to use them.

Far Cry New Dawn Companions

Far Cry New Eden Companions

Carmina Rye

  • Class: Assaulter.
  • Default ability: hatchback.
  • 15 kills ability: Dynamite (Carmina throws a stick of dynamite).
  • 40 kills ability: Make it a Triple (Carmina throws 3 sticks of dynamite in quick succession).
  • How to unlock: available by default after you get to Prosperity.

Pastor Jerome

  • Class: Berserker.
  • Default ability: Motorbike.
  • 15 kills ability: Holy Fire (Jerome throws a Molotov cocktail).
  • 40 kills ability: Blessed Bullets (Jerome uses incendiary ammo).
  • How to unlock: find Pastor Jerome to the south of the Chop Shop. Move from this outpost to meet a guy. Talk to him. Catch up with the truck and free Jerome. Follow him to the indicated place, kill the enemies and free the captives. The quest is called ‘’Jerome Comes Home’’.

Gina Guerra

  • Class: Heavy gunner.
  • Default ability: Armed car.
  • 15 kills ability: Who’s Counting (Gina has unlimited ammo).
  • 40 kills ability: Overload (Gina uses explosive ammo).
  • How to unlock: this raider-traitor is Sharky’s mate. After you help Sharky Boshaw, talk to the mercenary at your own base and learn about Guerra. Help her in the quest ’’Adventures in Babysitting’’.

The Judge

  • Class: Hunter.
  • Default ability: Stealth (When you are silent, you prefer your feet to a vehicle).
  • 15 kills ability: Feral Friendly (While the Judge is with you, animals will not attack unless they are attacked first).
  • 40 kills ability: Harsh Judgement (The Judge shoots 3 arrows simultaneously at a target).
  • How to unlock: prove your worthiness to Eden residents and meet The Judge. You need to accomplish a storyline mission in which the protagonist finds Joseph Seed (The Father).


  • Class: Sniper.
  • Default ability: Silencer (She puts silencers on everything!).
  • 15 kills ability: Smoke Monster (Nana sees through smoke).
  • 40 kills ability: Piercing Gaze (Nana shoots through cover).
  • How to unlock: find Nana in the southeast of the Signal Point which is one of raider’s outposts. Shoot the helmets and the balls, then repel the raiders’ attacks in the quest ‘’Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes’’.

Hurk Drubman Jr.

  • Class: RPG.
  • Default ability: Quad Bike.
  • 15 kills ability: Fast Hands (Hurk reloads faster).
  • 40 kills ability: Heat Seeker (RPGs will track air and land vehicles).
  • How to unlock: find Hurk in the southeast of the Trailer Town, another outpost. Once you are there, go to the southeast to meet Hurk and launch ‘’Days of Blunder’’. Get to the right place on the car, escaping from the raiders.

Timber (dog)

  • Class: Scout.
  • Default ability: Retriever (Timber will tag enemies, get Crafting Materials and sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack).
  • 15 kills ability: Pointer (Timber will tag Crafting Materials nearby).
  • 40 kills ability: Guard Dog (Timber will intercept animals trying to attack you).
  • How to unlock: find Timber in the north-east from the Broken Forge. Move to the north-east from this outpost to find a place where dogs are kept. Kill the enemies and caress Timber. As part of the quest ‘’Man Eat Dog World’’, go where Timber leads you. You will need to go at the top of the cages to find the key and liberate other dogs.

Horatio (boar)

  • Class: Tank.
  • Default ability: Shield Break (When Horatio charges someone with a shield, he will knock it from their grasp).
  • 15 kills ability: Pig’s Endurance (When Horatio is down, he gets back on his feet without your help).
  • 40 kills ability: Porcine Fury (In a fit of rage, Horatio destroys everything in his path).
  • How to unlock: find Horatio to the north-west of the Pantry, an outpost. Having arrived at the site, kill all enemies and liberate Horatio to complete the quest ‘’To Love a Boar’’.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Far Cry New Dawn Companions Guide. Did you manage to find all Far Cry New Dawn companions? We hope so. Either way, let us know what you think in the comment section below. And be sure to check out the rest of our Far Cray New Dawn content here at Nerds and Scoundrels!

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