Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Drezen | All Drezen Secrets

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Drezen

CRPGs are filled to the brim with little secrets that can change your experience drastically. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has an extremely busy early game. Even the early game city of Drezen can be a chore to explore, if you seek out every single nook and cranny. While this is by no means a complete list quite yet, we’ll show you all Wrath of the Righteous Drezen Secrets that are currently known!

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Drezen Guide

The city of Drezen has a few things to look for right off the bat. In terms of merchants, we have;

  • Arcane Weaver, who comes with Cloaks, Gloves, Caster Armor, and Arcane Scrolls.
  • Jewelry Trader, who has Phylactaries, Headbands, and Rings. Notably, stealing from the trader will gain you Goggles of Pure Sight, a decent caster item.
  • Wilcer Garms, a magical weapon and armor vender
  • Blacksmith, who sells just basic weapons in case you need to divvy things up.
  • The Golden Golem, which lives inside of the Jewelry Artisan shop.
  • Exotic Weapons that litter the underside of the city. Remnants of the crusade, they are impossible to use unless one takes the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat.
  • The One-Eyed Devil, a Tiefling Merchant who has had a rough life. Stealing from him or killing him discreetly can get you a Headband of Alluring Charm +4. A +4 boost to charisma might be worth losing a bit of your morality!
  • Woljif, a potential companion (or party member). They sell a few magical items, and have a Robe of Inevitability, which grants +2 Spell Penetration. Perfect for midgame casters who can’t quite break Spell Resistance!
  • Arisonoe, who sells divine scrolls and One Half of the Pair.

Other than these merchants, there are a ton of NPCs you can talk to! These NPCs range from guards to nobility to the Storyteller (who hangs out by the entrance to the citadel). They include;

  • Ciar, in the market square, who used to be a crusader.
  • Klaem, a cleric of Nethys who hangs out in the temple courtyard.
  • Horgus Gwem, an old demon-attack survivor who deals in philanthropy. 
  • Ramien, a Desnan priest.
  • Captain Harmattans, who chills in the top barracks. A crusader.
  • Lady Konomi, a Tian Xia refugee near the Citadel gate.
  • Dorgelinda Stranglehord, the citadel’s storage manager. She hangs out by the courtyard stars.
  • Captain Ordan, a captain who stays in the Citadel courtyard.

In addition, there are two more NPCs that stay in the Citadel. Anevia may be one of the more important NPCs in Drezen; she keeps track of your fortress and is the pseudo-sherif. The head of the Eagle Watch, Irabeth, also lives there.

We hope this quick guide helped you navigate Drezen! Please leave a comment if we forgot some important loot or secrets!

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