Starfield: Can You Craft Ammo?

While Starfield feels pretty different from Fallout in a lot of ways, there is one thing that the games have in common: a lack of ammo. It always feels like ammo is hard to come by, and being able to craft your own would help. But is that even an option? Let’s find out in our Starfield Can You Craft Ammo Guide.

You Can’t Craft Ammo in Starfield

Starfield Can You Craft Ammo

Unfortunately, there is currently no option for crafting your own ammo. Such an option would be a lot of fun, although it would admittedly have a major impact on the challenge of the game. Besides, there are other ways to stay knee deep in bullets. if you are running low on ammo, you’ve got two options:

Buy Ammo

The obvious answer is to buy the ammo you need. Of course, this is easier said than done when you are anywhere other than a major city or station. While buying ammo for your weapons is straightforward, you might not always be able to purchase it when you need it. Keep plenty stocked up and carrying weapons that use a variety of ammo to ensure you aren’t left defenseless.

Loot Ammo

The second option for adding to your ammo cache is looting it from your dead enemies. This can a lucrative option if you are fighting an enemy that uses your preferred weapon. However, you will also wind up with ammo for guns you could care less about. In those situations, buying the right ammo is key.

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