Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle the Labyrinth of Ice Walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle the Labyrinth of Ice Walkthrough

Deep in the heart of Arendelle lies the Labyrinth of Ice. This part of Kingdom Hearts 3 can be tricky, but with a little help you can breeze through it. Get the whole story with our Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle the Labyrinth of Ice Walkthrough here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle the Labyrinth of Ice

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle the Labyrinth of Ice

This part of the adventure opens in a small room with two exits. The door on the left leads nowhere. Head north into a room with some small pot-like Heartless and bats. These hostiles aren’t that tough. If you need an advantage you can spin around the ice pillars to wipe them out fast.

Keep moving until you reach the stairs. When you see vines on the left, attack them to open another room. Clear the Heartless inside and grab the Lucky Emblem. Continue up the stairs; you will see a room to the right and stairs to the left.

Enter the room. There will be more Heartless; take them out and destroy the vines. Then, jump down and find a chest that contains the map for the Labyrinth. Jump down again; you will find yourself back in the first room you encountered. Go up the stairs again, but this time take a left.

Ninja Nobodies

At the top of the stairs there will be more Heartless. Take them out, take a right turn, and look for the snowy stairs to your left. Take the stairs and enter the large room. There, you’ll find a new type of Nobodies to battle.

The Nobodies are fast and Ninja-like. Their primary offense is a quick spin attack. Your best bet is to take them out one at a time instead of spreading your damage across all of the targets. Be on the lookout for glowing circles under you; they indicate ice pillars that will pop up and damage you.

After you defeat the Nobodies, a large ice pillar will appear. Jump up into the air and hit X/Square to spin it around and open a new room. Enter the room and slide down the ramp, destroying the enemies you pass along the way.

After you’re done, enter the next big room to find more Nobodies. Fight these guys while being mindful of the ice pillars that can appear below you. After the fight, two large pillars will show up. Spin the pillar on the right to get a chest; spin the one on the left to continue.

Next, you will run into a dead end. Look straight up and you will see small ice ledges you can shotlock airstep up to. Airstep from one ledge to another until you reach the top. Be ready for Heartless waiting for you at the top.

From there, you’ll see more ice ledges you can reach. This will put you in the Middle Tier of the labyrinth. Climb the bridge to the next room and defeat the next set of ninja Nobodies. To continue, spin the giant ice pillar after the fight.

Wrapping Up

You will now get a new path heading south on your minimap. Take the path until you see a rail on the left. Jump onto it for another rail section. When you reach the end, continue south on your map towards a big round room. Once there, defeat more Nobodies.

In the final room, avoid ice pillars and destroy them. After that is done, spin the giant ice pillar int he middle; this will allow you to get to the Upper Tier. Here, you will see three paths. The northwest path takes you to a Lucky Emblem. The Northeast path opens into a room full of Heartless. The path to the South take you to a room with a portal and two chests. Empty the chests, then jump into the portal to leave the labyrinth. This will transport you back to the North Mountain.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle the Labyrinth of Ice Walkthrough. Did you get all of the answers you were looking for? We hope so! Let us know in our comment section below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of out Kingdom Hearts 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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