Starfield: Can You Fly in Atmosphere?

Hoping for atmospheric flight in Starfield? Unfortunately, Bethesda confirmed before the game launch that atmospheric piloting and landing was going to be handled through loading screens. Now that we’ve seen the game in action, we know for certain that’s the case. You can get a field for how atmospheric travel works in our Starfield Can You Fly in Atmosphere Guide.

You Cannot Fly in the Atmosphere of Planets in Starfield

Starfield Can You Fly in Atmosphere

Bad news for atmospheric space flight fans, any dogfighting in your spaceship is going to be limited to space in Starfield. While you can navigate among the stars, there is no way to enter the atmosphere of a planet while operating your ship. Landing your ship is done entirely through commands on the ship console, and the process itself is handled through loading screens.

To travel to a planet, you will need to go into the galaxy map. Once there, just pick a planet within your jump range and then navigate to the planetary survey. When you select “Land,” you will get a cut scene of you landing on the planet that also serves as a loading screen.

That’s it for our guide. Getting around from one planet to another is easy, but you can’t do it by simply flying around in and out of the atmosphere. Bummer!

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