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drake hollow multiplayer

Drake Hollow is currently an Xbox One exclusive survival game. You play as a bunch of humans who must help the Hollow’s natives, the Drakes, in order to survive. The game is well advertised as a multiplayer game, but it’s hard to find right away. How do you get to the game’s co-op? And can you do it right away? Find out in our Drake Hollow Multiplayer guide.

Drake Hollow Multiplayer

Drake Hollow has a tutorial mission, up to the first raid on your village, that you must complete before you can play multiplayer mode. This tutorial mission includes the basics of the game, such as gathering resources and movement controls. Afterwards, you must visit the lighthouse to get a good view of the island. Once you get that view, and defeat the raid that’s attacking your village, you can save and see the option to enter multiplayer mode to take on the Hollow with your friends.

The tutorial up to the first raid doesn’t take too long, but you might want to get started a half-hour before you plan on playing with your friends. The Lighthouse can be a little hidden! The crow will give you the task after you make an Aether Ward, which acts as a pseudo-boat for the polluted water. Equip a couple, and use them to get through.

Get to the lighthouse by essentially walking straight through the polluted water, using the map to guide you. This will let you climb it and get a 360-degree view of the area. You may have to save the drakes indicated by a yellow circle before a raid gets called on your village. Head there quick!

The raid isn’t too bad, and then you just have to save the game. That should open the multiplayer option on your Menu. Just invite your friends through Xbox and you’ll be in a cooperative game, at last!

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Drake Hollow is a wonderful survival RPG with a ton of potential! You’ll have to work through the tutorial missions before the game will let you play with your friends. But, that gives you a village to start with, knowledge of how the game works, and even some resources! That’s worthwhile, right?

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