How to Build the Cobalt Mirror in No Man’s Sky

no mans sky cobalt mirror

Venturing into ​No Man’s Sky ​ is always an exciting adventure full of crafting and discovering. While you’re out exploring the planets and great outer space you might find yourself needing a Cobalt Mirror. But what is it and how do you build a Cobalt Mirror?

No Man’s Sky Cobalt Mirror Guide

A Cobalt Mirror is able to filter wavelengths and change based on magnetic fields. For crafting purposes this means you can use it to make a Mineral Compressor, Barrel Ioniser, and Survey Device. It’s a useful crafting item to have and can definitely make your life easier.

As far as crafting the Cobalt Mirror itself, you may find a bit of trouble getting it done. First you’ll need to make sure you have enough Ionised Cobalt which can be obtained in one of two ways. First you could just collect a lot of Cobalt using a Refiner and then combining two Cobalt to form one Ionised Cobalt. You will need to make sure you have a total of 50 Ionised Cobalt before making the Cobalt Mirror. Instead of collected double the Cobalt you could use an Advanced Mining Laser to get the Ionised Cobalt. This way can be a bit more difficult if you don’t already have the Advanced Mining Laser though.

Once you’ve got the Ionised Cobalt, or before, you’ll need a dreaded blueprint for the Cobalt Mirror. This, of course, is the most time consuming part. You’ll need to find and traveling to Manufacturing Facilities in an attempt to find the correct blueprint as their drop rate and type are randomized.

After you’ve gotten the correct blueprint and 50 Ionised Cobalt then you are ready for crafting! Use your new Cobalt Mirror and get back to discovering all that ​No Man’s Sky ​ has to offer. And for more guides or tips on games check out ​the rest of our website​!

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