Persona 5 Wild Clogs Guide

Persona 5 Wild Clogs

One of our favorite purchasable items in Persona 5 is wild clogs. These shoes are difficult to come by, primarily being available for sale on a single Sunday on the shopping TV channel. Read our Persona 5 wild clogs guide below to find out how to get them.

Shopping TV

One of the interesting quirks of Persona 5 is that each Sunday you can turn on your television and purchase items (like Sonic Socks) from the TV shopping channel. Any item purchased is delivered the next day. If you buy CRT you can simply watch the shopping channel on the TV in your room. It’s important to note that items are only for sale on Sunday. Each Sunday, a different item is for sale and those items will not come back for sale again. That means if you really want a specific item it’s important to pick it up the day it’s available. If you miss something you’re looking for, it’s possible that item might appear at random elsewhere in the game but you can’t count on that.

What are Wild Clogs?

Wild Clogs are unique shoes that can be acquired during the game. Like most items sold on the TV shopping channel, Wild Clogs have a single bonus: a resistance to fear. It is really up to each player’s style oh how useful this item is.

Buying Wild Clogs

There are only two opportunities to pick up wild clogs in the game. The first and easiest option is to purchase Wild Clogs from the TV shopping channel. The clogs are 4980 Yen and can only be purchased on the 29th of May. If purchased, you will receive the Wild Clogs on the 30th of May.

If you miss your chance to purchase these clogs, your only other option for acquiring them are finding them in a chest in Kaneshiro’s Palace. Outside of these two options, there are no other ways to acquire the Wild Clogs in Persona 5.

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