Stardew Valley Bone Fragment | What is It, Where Do You Get It?

stardew valley bone fragment

Patch 1.5 is a pretty cool content patch for Stardew Valley, adding an entirely new biome to explore. If you’re having fun on Ginger Island, then you might have noticed that one of the new Special Order Board quests are for Bone Fragments. However, in the mines in the original farm, you never encounter skeletons or anything… So, where do you get Bone Fragments from? If you’re having trouble finding them, our Bone Fragment guide will lend you a hand!

Stardew Valley Bone Fragment

The Bone Fragment is another new material added in the Ginger Island update. It can be found either on Ginger Island or in the skeleton enemies that we know and love.

Where to Find the Bone Fragment in Stardew Valley

Bone Fragments are found all over Ginger Island. The primary method to farm them is through Skeletons. These enemies are in The Mines on floors 71-79. If you like farming the mines, then you probably know about these guys! They have a chance to drop between 0 and 2 bone fragments, though it almost seems weighted in your favor!

You can also farm them out of Artifact Spots. These are the little wiggling worms, stems, and twigs that you see on the map. When you dig them up, a random item is given to you. Unfortunately, we don’t currently know what the chances are to dig up a bone fragment rather than the massive list of other options. It admittedly doesn’t seem very likely! Skeletons are probably a safer farm.

The final location of your bone-based search is in Bone Nodes. These are little clusters of bone on Ginger Island that you can mine for some bone fragments. These are fairly easy to see and can give a solid pile of bone fragments.

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Currently, Gunther seems to be the only one who wants Bone Fragments. He’ll reward you with the Bone Mill recipe if you can get him 100 fragments within 7 days.

We recommend either dungeoneering or using the Bone Nodes on Ginger Island to get your bones. Both are fairly reliable, and pretty fun!

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