Persona 5 Model Gun Guide – Best Ways to Find Model Guns

Persona 5 Model Guns

Persona 5 Model Gun Guide – Best Ways to Find Model Guns

Model guns can turn up early on Persona 5, but it’s not immediately clear how useful they are. Hang on to them! Once you’re granted the ability to itemize Personas by Igor you can use model guns to craft powerful weapons in Persona 5. If you need more model guns there are a few ways you can acquire them fairly easily.

Persona 5 Model Guns

Buy Model Guns from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities

In previous games, Tanaka sold commodities through a tv shopping channel once a week. (His theme song was especially popular among some fans) Now, his shop and his theme song are back in digital form online! Model guns are one of the items Tanaka stocks. You are limited in how many of these items you can buy from Tanaka as he only restocks his store monthly. You can occasionally find them in other stores like the 2nd Hand Store as well.

Trade for Model Guns at the Capsule Machine in Akihabara

The best way to get up to seven models guns is at the Capsule Machine in Akihabara. Each use of the Capsule Machine costs 500 yen. Every time you use the machine you’ll get one of six capsules. Nearby is the Covetous Man; you can trade these capsules to him for other items. The Covetous Man will trade you a model gun for each Mossy Mothman capsule you get from the Capsule Machine. He only has 7 model guns, so any additional Mossy Mothman Capsules you trade him will get you a Balm of Life instead.

Discover Model guns in Mementos

Last but not least, model guns will sometimes just turn up as you are clearing. Search Mementos carefully and you will likely across a few of them.

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