FFXIV Fit for a Queen | The Complete Quest Guide

ffxiv fit for a queen

In patch 5.45 of Shadowbringers, the Resistance Weapons questline has been much lengthened! This is the second quest that was added to it, and thankfully you have a bit longer before the game starts slamming you with a new dungeon… If you needed a break from Castrum Litore, that is. Head to Gangos and see what quest you’re on! Our FFXIV Fit for a Queen guide will help if you’re having troubles with the Resistance Weapons additions.

FFXIV Fit For a Queen

In order to unlock Fit for a Queen, you must first complete A Sign of What’s to Come. This unlocks after Castrum Litore. If you’ve completed that dungeon, then you should head to Gangos and ee what step of the mission you’re on. Once you complete A Sign of What’s to Come, this mission will unlock in Gangos (x: 6.6, y: 5.8). Bajsaljen gives it to you.

This mission has a bit more combat than the previous one, for better or worse. You talk with Mikoto, and then you enter an instance. Make sure your class can handle level 80 combats (preferably quickly!). You can complete the fight with whatever class you wish, but DPS tends to take these solo encounters down faster. Otherwise, it might be worthwhile to be a Tank or Healer for safety. Afterwards, you finally get to enter Delubrum Reginae and complete the quest by following quest markers.

This quest unlocks a ton of things for you to do! You’ll want to do A Seeaside Story, In the Queen’s Image, Let Me Holster That for You, and One Man’s Relic. These are all important for completing the 5.45 Resistance Weapons storyline. 

A Seaside Story is for Delubrum Reginae (Savage). In the Queen’s Image is for more powerful Resistance weapons. Let Me Holster That for You increases your arsenal of lost actions. Finally, One Man’s Relic is perfect for boosting your Mettle. Each of these have little pieces of the storyline, so you might want to complete them all!

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