How to tame an Ostrich in Atlas

atlas how to tame an ostrich

One of the most unique things about the Atlas MMO is the animal taming system. From pets to mounts, the wide variety of tameable animals and the strategies you must use to acquire them add a lot of depth to the game. One often overlooked animal that serves as a decent mount is the ostrich. Not sure how to tame them? This How to Tame an Ostrich Guide from Nerds and Scoundrels can help with that!

Atlas How to Tame an Ostrich Guide

There are two methods to taming an animal in Atlas: active taming and passive taming.

Active taming: Active taming involves combat with the animal you are trying to tame. You will also need to have the skills to use a bola. Once the animal is tied up with the bola, you will need to feed it a specific food to tame it.

Passive taming: Passive taming does not require any combat. This method is only available or non-threatening animals and involves feeding them the necessary food to tame them.

What you will need to tame an ostrich

To tame an ostrich, you will need a combination of skills and items. Some items and skills are necessary for the taming process, while others are necessary if you plan on riding your ostrich once tamed.


  • A saddle – While you won’t need a saddle to actually tame the ostrich, you will need one handy to ride it after it gains affinity for you.
  • Chilis – You will need chili to put in the ostrich’s inventory in order to complete the taming.
  • Bola – A ranged weapon used to bind the ostrich’s feet together to allow it to be tamed.


  • Beastmastery Skills – You will need to unlock the Beastmastery tree to tame an animal. Within the tree, you will need the Taming, Riding, and Commands skill. Other helpful skills that are not mandatory include Taming Proficiency.
  • Survivalism Skills – Before you can unlock the necessary Beastmastery skills, you will need to unlock the prerequisites in the Survivalism tree first. These prerequisites include Tools of the Trade and Hand-to-Hand Combat. You can easily complete these skills by level 10.

Taming the Ostrich

To tame the ostrich, you will first need to track one down and approach it. Ostriches are docile unless provoked, so once you find one you can simply walk up to it without fear of being attacked. Once you attack the ostrich, it will fight back.

how to tame an ostrich atlas

Next, you will need to do enough damage to drop the ostrich to approximately 10 percent health. Pay attention to the color of the health meter. When at full health, the bird’s health meter will be green. As it takes damage, it will drop to yellow. Once the ostrich’s health meter hits orange you can use your bolo. Be very careful, as additional weapon damage will likely kill it. Once the bolo is used, the ostrich will be immobile.

While immobile, the ostrich can still attack you. Granted, it can only strike what’s directly in front of its face. But if you stand within pecking range of the bird, you will get struck. Approach the downed ostrich from the back. Open the ostrich’s inventory and place the chili in it. From there, you have a pet ostrich. At this point you will need a saddle and the skill to ride to use the bird as a mount.

Don’t have a chili? You can still capture an ostrich by subduing it with a bolo and building trap walls around it.

Ostrich Guide

The ostrich isn’t a bad mount to have. While not great in combat, it has some perks that make it useful especially when you consider it is not particularly difficult to tame.


  • Relatively fast – while not the fastest by any means, it ostrich can get around.
  • High jumper – A unique trait to the ostrich is that it has serious jumping range. That can come in handy while riding.
  • Collects wood and thatch – Many animals automatically collect certain resources as you move around the map. The ostrich will collect wood and thatch as you ride.


  • Low weight – The ostrich can’t carry a lot.
  • Low health – These birds can’t take much damage, especially when they are lower level.

atlas how to tame an ostrich

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s how you tame an ostrich in Atlas. Was this Atlas How to Tame an Ostrich Guide helpful? If so, let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Atlas content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. Want to see an ostrich taming in action? Check out the video below.


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