Stardew Valley Glowstone Ring | What is It, Where Do You Get It?

stardew valley glowstone ring

Rings are one of the most important gear slots that you can fill in Stardew Valley. Instead of granting armor bonuses or health, these offer fantastic utility and help you mine much easier. The Glow ring was critical to many’s mining builds, since it offered light. However, now, you can improve your Glow Ring into the Glowstone Ring, and really put your mining game to the next level. See what it is in our Stardew Valley Glowstone Ring guide!

Stardew Valley Glowstone Ring

The Glowstone Ring has two effects attached to it. It emits a constant light, and increases the radius with which you collect items. This can be super helpful when you’re mining in darker areas, since you don’t need to worry about finding a source of light.

How to Get

You get the recipe for the Glowstone Ring at Mining Level 4. The Glowstone Ring is made of 5 Solar Essence and 5 Iron Bars.

Solar Essence is a monster drop from Ghosts, Iridium Bats, Metal Heads, Haunted Skulls, Squid Kids, and Mummies. You can also farm them from Sunfish, if your fish pond has loads of them. They aren’t too hard to farm; just find your favorite enemy that drops them and keep respawning that floor!

Iron Bars are more traditional, being available from mining iron ore in the mines. You can also get them from Garbage Cans and the various Shadow enemies. You should be more than familiar with this!

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Uses for the Glowstone Ring

The Glowstone Ring is a step up from the Glow Ring, allowing you to explore darker parts of the dungeon while still having a noticeably beneficial effect outside of those darker parts of dungeons. The radius of pickup is legitimately nice, since you’ll have to stay on floors a little less. 

Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade to the Iridium Band, which does what the Glowstone Ring does while increasing damage by 10%. This is a great early game item, though, and we highly recommend you

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