Last Oasis Walkers | What Are They, What Do They Do?

last oasis walkers

On the surface, Last Oasis may seem like a somewhat standard survival crafting game. However, when you’re patrolling the areas of the game, you’ll be doomed without the game’s main mechanic. The Walkers are massive flying ships that all players have the potential to create. The Walkers are your base, and thus having a sturdy one might not be a bad idea. Learn the basics of the Walker in our Last Oasis Walkers guide.

Last Oasis Walkers Guide

Walkers are Last Oasis’s primary mechanic. These massive creations fly using wings, or strut around using legs. They are useful for taking down large prey, or as a desperate escape from a horrific scenario. However, to build one, players need to invest a ton of resources, making them scary to build on the outset. You’re going to want one quickly, however, if you want to experience what the game has to offer.

What Are They?

There are 20 different types of walkers, and each of these 20 has 4 upgrades. The 20 Walkers are as follows;

  • Balang: Basic All-Rounder.
  • Buffalo: Great All-Rounder.
  • Camelop: Carry Capacity and Liquid Storage.
  • Cobra: Mobile Shooting Tower.
  • Dinghy: Scouting, Low-Cost.
  • Domus: Huge tank.
  • Falco: Extremely fast, great for boarding.
  • Firefly: Tiny starting vessel, basically only useful early on.
  • Hercul: Crafting, great for creating Torque.
  • Hornet: Fast and sturdy.
  • Mallusk: Brutal tank, with fine mobility.
  • Panda: A Walker Freighter, for transporting other Walkers.
  • Proxy: For claiming and contesting land.
  • Schmetterling: Extremely potent all-rounder, with lower maneuverability.
  • Silur: Gigantic tank, with legs.
  • Spider: A basic starter (note; make a Normal Spider Walker rather than one with a ballista. The one with the ballista is buggy).
  • Stiletto: A small successor to the Dinghy. Great mobility with fine deck space.
  • Titan: Gigantic, durable base with passable mobility.
  • Toboggan: Ridiculously mobile base with poor protection and weaponry.
  • Tusker: Relatively durable weapons platform, with awful mobility.

These walkers tend to change hands a lot throughout the game, as the larger and better walkers require more materials. Most Walkers that are made from Tablets tend to be viable in the mid and late game.

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What Do They Do?

Walkers are here as your mobile base. They are highly customizable and can do a huge number of different tasks with the right materials. As you level up, you’ll go from Small to Titan walkers, perhaps creating Specialized ones as you need to.

If you wish to raid other Walkers you can! You must use attacks from walker to walker to effectively damage them. Fire Bolts, for instance, will destroy cargo, and potentially cause a surrender from the enemy.

These are very important to upgrade over time, so make sure you’re saving some tablets for creating these massive behemoths!

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