Is Fire Emblem Engage Turn Based?

For years, it would have been odd to ask the question “Is Fire Emblem Engage Turn Based?” Countless iterations in the series have involved turn-based action, with little reason to assume anything would change. Then, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes happened. This game for the Nintendo Switch involved fast pace combat which was a major departure from what we’ve come to expect from the Fire Emblem series. Many long-time fans are thankful that Fire Emblem Engage returns to turn-based roots of the original series.

Fire Emblem Engage is Turn-Based

Is Fire Emblem Engage Turn based

In Fire Emblem Engage, you can rest assured that your large-scale battles involve turn-based combat. This game is less about hacking and slashing your way through the world and more about making sound, strategic decisions in large-scale combat. As you might suspect, units each take turns moving around the battle field, using abilities and making attacks within their range.

What the game lacks in speed, it makes up in strategy. There are plenty of unique units and tactics that make it worth carefully assessing every move. The combat system is complex enough that you will appreciate not being rushed from one decision to another.

About The Game

Fire Emblem Engage is the next release in the long line of popular Fire Emblem games. It has a lot in common with most previous releases, including a cast of playable characters and interesting classes. There are some new things to take advantage of as well, including the option to choose a male or female protagonist.

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