Greedfall Charlatan Quest Guide

greedfall Charlatan

The newest game published by Focus Home Interactive has been gaining traction for its setting and fun gameplay. Among the many things to do in GreedFall are some interesting side quests. One side quest players have been wondering how to beat is the Charlatan Quest that can be started during The Great Departure mission in the main story. It can be a little tricky to figure out how to finish this side quest, but you will be rewarded with 1,000 XP if you complete it successfully. Let’s take a look at how to beat the Charlatan Quest.

Greedfall Charlatan Quest Walkthrough

As mentioned above, to start the quest you’ll need to be in The Great Departure mission for the main story. Talk to Sahin the Ambassador in the Bridge Alliance embassy who will tell you about a man claiming to sell a cure-all potion. Go to the location Sahin the Ambassador tells you about and meet an alchemist who will tell you he has a potion that is “a cure for everything.” Ask him everything you can but he will cut you off pretty quickly from asking too much.

Head to the right of the stall and walk through a metal door to pick up a letter from a chest. Some thugs will come and fight you too and you will get the Charlatan’s antidote. Go back over to the alchemist and make him drink his own potion, this will cause the alchemist to run away to the Tavern where the alchemist is upstairs in a room.

After talking to him you will be presented with two options. Arresting the man will send him straight to jail and you will gain reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Helping the man escape is a bit more intensive. You’ll have to distract the crowds drinking in the Tavern and the rewards are not nearly as good.

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