Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Core of the Riddle Guide

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Core of the Riddle

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous is a world filled with mysteries and riddles. Some of these mysteries can be really boring to slog through, and others can make you feel like a champion! The Core of the Riddle is a very long-term puzzle that you shouldn’t expect to solve right away. If you run right there and can’t do anything to solve it, don’t worry! It’s very much-over time. That being said, if you want to know the solution, our Wrath of the Righteous Core of the Riddle Puzzle guide will help you out!

Core of the Riddle Puzzle Solution in Wrath of the Righteous

In order to solve the Core of the Riddle, travel to the Ravaged Long House – slightly below the Core of the Riddle on the map. Head to the basement and open the ornate chest within to collect the Slabs with Blue Symbols. When you have the blue slabs, you will be able to interact with the Core of the Riddle puzzle.

Insert three slabs into the upper-right corner. From farthest to closest to the puzzle; bucket, trident, square with circles within it. The bucket’s open end and the trident’s “pointy end” are pointed at the wall, and the square part of the square also points there.

From there, it is possible to follow the wall’s notes. Do not follow the symbols on the upper right. Start on the edges of the lower-left indentation and follow the left slabs directions. These will keep you from getting tricked as you make your way along the outside.

This puzzle rewards you quite handsomely; a +3 Starknife, elven notes for the Storyteller, and quite a few potions. The Starknife is situationally useful, unless you’ve built for them. However, it sells for quite a bit! Worth it by itself. But, the note lets you continue the Storyteller’s quest.

This puzzle is part of The Secrets of Creation. Before you head here, try to get to the Heart of Mystery.  Completing the puzzles of The Secrets of Creation will grant you access to a new area; the Enigma. This is a secret area needed for completion.

We hope this helped you figure out Core of the Riddle! Check out our other Wrath of the Righteous guides to learn more about this stellar CRPG.

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