FFXIV Not By Bread Alone Mission Guide | Tips and Is It Worth?

ffxiv not by bread alone

There are a ton of missions scattered throughout the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you want to save the world through the main story, or gather the pieces of Ishgard after the attack, you’ll find something for you. As part of the Ishgardian Restoration Main Questline, “Not By Bread Alone” is an important part of any crafting class’s mid-late game journey. If you’re needing a bit of help finding it, then our Not By Bread Alone guide will help you out.

Not By Bread Alone FFXIV

Not By Bread Alone is located in The Firmament. It is given to you by Francel, the Haillenarte kid from the Ishgardian storyline. If you’re still having trouble finding it, head to x 12.2, Y 11.3. If he isn’t there yet, you may have not finished the May Featherfall Flourish quest, which is it’s prerequisite.

The quest is fairly simple, asking you to follow Francel to three different locations and talking to him. This will bring you to some fun pieces of art – and some in-game artists – to see what you’ve caused by ending the war. The quest isn’t hugely important to the storyline of the Ishgardian Restoration if you’re desperate to skip cutscenes.

The quest ends by rewarding you with your choice of 3 of a meal, or 2 Allagan Silver Pieces. I tend to like the money more, but the food is quite good for level 60! If you’re looking for crafting or gathering food, then you might want to consider it… And maybe get a few handfuls in the future!


And that continues your journey into patch 5.41’s crafting and gathering questline! Hopefully, this guide helped you out a bit in your journey to fix Ishgard. If you’re looking for some more FFXIV stuff, check out what laptop will let you play FFXIV the best, what mouse might be best for the game, and how to complete Castrum Lacus Litore.

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