Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts
A key part of Kingdom Two Crowns is traveling with the right mount. Not sure on the best mount or how to use them? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading our Kingdom Two Crowns mounts guide for all the info here at Nerds and Scoundrels.
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Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts Guide

In Kingdom Two Crowns, a mount is any animal you are able to ride on. This includes everything from horses to unicorns to griffons. Each mount has its own skillset and unlock costs. As you explore the game you will continue to unlock unique mounts across the map.


Every mount has its own base speed. Some are faster and others are slower. A mount’s speed can even vary depending on what type of terrain they are on. For example, so mounts are faster in forests and other are faster in open grassland. Mounts have two different modes: walk or gallop.


How long your mount can gallop depends entirely on their stamina. Stamina levels will vary between mounts, with the mounts becoming visibly tired. When your mount is completely exhausted, it will only be able to walk until it recovers stamina. One way to recover stamina is to allow your mounts to graze. Check out our Kingdom Two Crowns Grazing Guide Here! You will also regain stamina just by standing and even a little while walking, but at a much lower rate.

Favorite Mounts

Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts

The Bear

Unlock Cost: 2 Gems
Cost: 15 Coins

You will find the bear on the fourth island in some ruins that contain a beehive on a branch. The bear has low stamina but an excellent restore rate. It also isn’t exhausted for long. Its short sprints are extremely fast. You can feed the bear grass and farm coins by killing rabbits and raccoon just by sprinting over them.

The Deer

Unlock Cost: 1 Gem
Cost: 3 Coins

The ideal early game mount, you can unlock the deer for cheap when you reach the second island. It has stamina identical to your basic horse, however it is slower on plains and faster in forests. It also has the ability to charm forest dear just by getting near them. This makes hunting easy.

The Griffon

Unlock Cost: 2 Gems
Cost: 8 Coins

While exploring the forest, this mount can sometimes be encountered, where it will crash land into the ground from the air. When riding this mount, a stamina boost can be acquired while standing above any terrain, even during winter. This mount can also blowback and stun enemies with a short burst at the cost of stamina by standing still and pressing [Left Shift]. This stamina cost is taken from base stamina, and does not interact with the stamina boost, which prevents the player from infinitely spamming the blowback move while boosted.

The Lizard (AKA The Dragon)

Unlock Cost: 3 Gems
Cost: 14 Coins

This mount operates very differently than other mounts. It can sprint like other mounts, but is fairly speedy on all terrain. It’s speed boost, however, is obtained not by grazing over grass, but by resting under the sunlight. This makes obtaining a speed boost impossible for the lizard during the night. At the cost of stamina, the lizard can breathe fire by standing still and pressing [Left Shift], or by attempting to sprint by double-tapping a direction. The lizard spends a second winding up before the attack, and it creates a small fire trap for a few seconds that ignites all enemies that pass through it.

The Unicorn

Unlock Cost: 4 Gems
Cost: 16 Coins

This mount works the same as it did in the previous game; It spawns from the pink tree, runs faster on grass, and upon grazing will “eject” 3 coins, giving monarchs an easy way to rack up money.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s our Kingdom Two Crowns Mounts Guide. Did you find it helpful? If so, let us know in the comments section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Two Crowns content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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