Kingdom 2 Crowns Grazing Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Grazing

The last thing you want in Kingdom Two Crowns is a hungry (or hangry) mount. If your mount doesn’t eat regularly, it will lose stamina. Plus, your mount will pick up other helpful benefits for having a snack now and then. But it’s not quite that simple; it takes a little effort and know-how to ensure your favorite ride is getting enough to eat. Keep reading to get the scoop with our Kingdom Two Crowns Grazing Guide here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

Kingdom Two Crowns Grazing Guide

Your mounts will only graze:

  • On green grass with open fields and no forest above it;
  • When they’re hungry (at least 10 seconds since their last feed); and
  • When they’re stationary.

Once your mount finishes grazing, their stamina will be completely restored. What’s more, the mount will get a temporary boost to maximum stamina and running speed. You will know this boost is active when you see a white trail following your mount’s feet as it runs. The length of stamina boost varies between mounts and depletes over time.


Kingdom Two Crowns Grazing


You will find patches of grass across most open areas within the Kingdom. There will also be ample grass in larger clearings deep within the forest. Finally, look for small patches of grass at every town center throughout the game.

You can only introduce grass in a space outside the forest and next to existing grass. You can extend the area grass is available on by cutting trees and clearing forest. Grass will grow in naturally.

Construction buildings, walls, or farms can destroy grassy areas around the construction. This is especially problematic because it can block grass from growing across large swathes of open space

One helpful trick is to upgrade the building that is blocking grass from growing. Scaffolding will go up during construction, and grass will grow under the scaffolding and across to the other side of the building before the construction finishes.

Grass is seasonal, and it dies in winter. Be prepared to be unable to graze during cold months.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that is our Kingdom Two Crowns Grazing Guide. Did you find it helpful? If so, let us know in the comments section. And stick with Nerds and Scoundrels for all of your Kingdom Two Crowns content.

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