Kingdom Two Crowns Towers Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Towers

One of the most important types of buildings you can construct in Kingdom Two Crowns are towers. Critical for defense, these buildings begin as simple piles of rock and evolve into fortified towers over time. Need a hand with the finer points of towers in Kingdom Two Crowns? Nerds and Scoundrels has you covered! Keep reading the Kingdom Two Crowns Towers Guide for all the info you need!

Kingdom Two Crowns Towers Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Towers

Towers cannot be destroyed by greed, and helpfully will not block grass from growing. Their primary purpose is giving your archers a height advantage over nearby greed. Archers will be randomly assigned to each tower upon completion.

Tier 0: Rock Pile

Cost: None

Hardly a tower at all, rock piles occur naturally in random locations across the island. While they hold no special benefits, these piles are the building blocks necessary to upgrade into more advanced towers.

Tier 1: Raised Platform

Cost: 3 Coins
Age: Wood

The lowest tier of tower, the raised platform only costs three coins but offers little more than a slight height advantage. It is low enough that the archers can still be struck by greed as they pass underneath it. The raised platform is useful for firing shots at an enemy, but can be blocked by any tier of wall.

Tier 2: Watchtower

Cost: 6 Coins
Age: Wood

An upgrade over the raised platform that is still available during the Wood age, the Watchtower is a large improvement. The Watchtower is tall enough that it cannot be attacked by greed. However, floaters can still attack your archers. It can hold only one archer, and any shots directed at enemies will only be blocked by walls that are tier 4 or more.

Tier 3: Defense Tower

Cost: 9 Coins
Age: Stone

The most basic tower of the Stone Age, the Defense Tower is very similar to the Watchtower. Just like with the Watchtower, the Defense Tower is tall enough that greed cannot attack. It is tall enough that only walls that are at least tier 4 can block shots on enemies. The major difference is that it holds two archers.

Tier 4: Castle Tower

Cost: 12 Coins
Age: Stone

The best tower available during the Stone Age, the Cast Tower can hold a maximum of three archers. Two archers are on the lower level, and they are effectively the same as if they were on a Defense Tower. However, the third archer at the top of the tower has even more advantages. That archer is high enough that no wall can block his direct shot.

Tier 5 Fortified Tower

Cost: 15 Coins
Age: Iron

The first Iron Age Tower, the Fortified Tower is the same as a Castle tower with one important difference: your archers within the Fortified Tower cannot be attacked by floaters.

Tier 6 Iron Tower

Cost: 18 Coins
Age: Iron

The Iron Tower is the best tower in the game. It is essentially like an elite version of the Fortified Tower. It can hold 4 archers, and all of them can be placed at the highest level. That means all four archers can fire directly at any enemy. Floaters cannot attack your archers within the Iron Tower, making it a defensible, self-contained defense point.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that is our Kingdom Two Crowns Towers Guide. Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Two Crowns content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.


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