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CK3 Viking Trait

There are a ton of methods for building up your power in Crusader Kings 3. Your leader and leader’s allies are all very important for the strategies that you can take command of. Your leader can get traits through very close control and strategies, or they can get it through random events, like Pregnancy. One of the traits that might be popular amongst warmongers is the Raider trait, also known as the Viking trait. In our Viking Trait guide, we will discuss how to get it and what the benefits are.

What is the Viking Trait in Crusader Kings 3?

The Viking Train in Crusader Kings 3 is applied to your ruler or general when performing constant raids on foreign settlements. After repeated attacks, especially if you have a Longship of some kind, you are likely to receive this trait. The trait is more likely to be applied if your character is the one actively attacking the villages, rather than overseeing the attacks.

The Viking trait awards aggressive play in for different statistics.

  • +2 Martial.
  • +3 Prowess.
  • +0.3 Monthly Prestige.
  • +5 Same Trait Opinion.

The martial and prowess are pretty major boons. Not quite as large as an educational boon per say, especially for the Martial part of the trait. The Martial is about as much as you’d expect for any combat-oriented traits. However, +3 Prowess is nothing to shake your nose at, as long as units with the prowess are going into battle.

The Monthly Prestige isn’t massive compared to other traits that you can dig for, but it is not negligible. This is at least something, and considering that you’ll likely have a few characters with this trait after a while will be useful. 

Same Trait Opinion simply means that characters with the Viking trait will like you more. That’s a good boon, and that’s about how far the standard Lifestyle Trait gives you.

In general, this is a somewhat middling trait to have, but rather easy to obtain on multiple characters. It has no mechanical downsides, although those who despise Vikings (like the people you attack) might not enjoy your presence much.

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