Kingdom Two Crowns Hermits Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Hermits

Despite their pedestrian name, hermits play an important role in Kingdom Two Crowns. These subjects exist to help you upgrade your kingdom. However, they can be frustrating to keep alive and don’t operate the same way other NPCs do. Keep reading our Kingdom Two Crowns Hermits Guide here at Nerds and Scoundrels to get the scoop on all things hermit!

Kingdom Two Crowns Hermits Guide

Hermits are unique and important subjects within your kingdom. There are several different types of hermits, and they each have the ability to upgrade a unique building. Hermits will spawn from their own shack. You can carry a hermit with you for one coin, and you can carry them with you until you are ready to use them to upgrade a specific building.

The coin you pay for the hermit won’t last forever. You will need to pay another coin to pick up and use the hermit again when:

  • The monarch uses the hermit for an upgrade
  • You travel past the outer wall of your kingdom with enemies present
  • You carry them for a full day, or
  • If you switch mounts

Each time one of those four things occurs, you will need have to pay one coin to pick up a hermit again.

Hermit NPC Behavior

Hermits don’t act like other NPCs. They can’t run, and they will wander outside of your kingdom walls. This is frustrating, as enemy greed will grab them and carry them off. They will continue on their path, happily walking right into a bunch of greed or wander aimlessly at night.

Types of Hermits

There are several types of hermits, and they each serve their own purpose. A hermit can only upgrade a specific type of building, so you’ll need to be careful to have the right one available when you need it.

Hermit of Stable

Island: 2
Spawnpoint: Hut with nearby toolshed
Cost: 1 Gem

The Hermit of Stable lives on the second island in a hut. Near the hut is a toolshed. This hermit allows you to upgrade a tier 1 farm into a stable. Stables allow you to store all of the mounts on an island, making it simple to change between unlocked mounts. If you are in the Shogun biome, you can upgrade a tier 2 farm into a stable as well.

Hermit of Tide

Island: 1
Spawnpoint: Hut with tool shed
Cost: 3 Gem

The Hermit of Tide is located on the first island. You will find him at his hut, which has a tool shed attached. This hermit allows you to upgrade towers that are tier 4 and above into powerful ballistas. A ballista is a giant, stationary crossbow that are manned by builders.

Hermit of Baking

Island: 3
Spawnpoint: Hut with a nearby oven and tables
Cost: 4 Gems

The Hermit of Baking can turn any 4+ tier tower into a bakery. Bakeries give you the ability the buy bread. When you purchase bread, it will draw in vagrants from across the island to the bakery. You can then easily turn those vagrants into peasants.

Hermit of Valor

Island: 4
Spawnpoint: Hut with mannequins wearing armor

The Hermit of Valor can turn any tower that is tier four or higher into an armory. Armories give you an extra slot for purchasing a shield. That gives you the ability to hire another knight near that armory.

Hermit of Horns

Island: 5
Spawnpoint: Hut with giant horn

The Hermit of Horns is found on the fifth island, and can upgrade any wall tier 4 or above into rally walls. Rally walls can be paid 1 horn to rally all of your soldiers to defend that side of the map for a short period of time. Even knights assigned to the other side of the map can be sent to the side with the rally wall for a short period of time.

Kingdom Two Crowns Hermits

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Kingdom Two Crowns Hermits Guide. Did you find this Nerds and Scoundrels guide helpful? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Two Crowns content!

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